Delivering better outcomes in healthcare

We’ll help you harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP to deliver the highest level of patient care and customer service whilst generating significant cost efficiencies. Tisski works with public and private sector healthcare organisations to implement systems in varied environments. Our project experience spans everything from front-line care and facilities management to occupational health and health cash plans. Read on to explore how our specialist approach to healthcare CRM & ERP can help you streamline processes, improve information transparency and support integrated service delivery.

Improve efficiency and service levels

Whilst the healthcare industry is fantastically diverse, many organisations face a common central challenge. An ageing population is creating unprecedented demand pressures. At the same time, widespread digital adoption means service users increasingly expect an immediate, seamless, high-quality, personalised experience. In this context providers need to find dependable and cost-effective technology capable of delivering sustained efficiency gains and service improvements. Many organisations are exploring how CRM & ERP systems can help them become leaner, more connected and better coordinated to the benefit of budgets, employees, patients and customers.

We partner with healthcare clients to design, develop and implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions that:

    Enhance service levels – Creating tools and processes that improve the flow of information between touchpoints is crucial to meet rising stakeholder service expectations. We’ll help you deliver a CRM & ERP system that links departments effectively so they provide a fully joined-up experience. Service users will enjoy a seamless journey with timely, tailored interactions, more self-service options and non-intrusive mechanisms that measure satisfaction and capture actionable feedback.
    Increase efficiency – Simultaneously improving service and efficiency levels is tough if there isn’t enabling technology in place. The Microsoft Dynamics solutions we deliver in healthcare help streamline processes, automate manual tasks and enable easy, real-time information sharing across departments, locations and existing systems. We’ll deliver significant time and cost savings by reducing wastage and creating powerful resource planning tools that support scheduling, task allocation and activity tracking.
    Support patient and customer management – CRM & ERP systems can create a single, accurate 360° view of patients or customers to ensure services and communications can be tailored to individuals’ needs. By securely unifying data from various touch points and making it easily accessible across teams, our Microsoft Dynamics implementations enable seamless referrals, targeted outreach campaigns and more personalised services.
    Harness the power of data – When captured, organised, accessed and analysed effectively, data can improve decision making at all levels of an organisation. The healthcare CRM & ERP systems we deliver can produce bespoke reporting and actionable insights to support everything from ‘big picture’ organisational planning down to plotting a single individual’s care path. We’re increasingly drawing on Microsoft Dynamics’ machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities to provide a powerful new layer of intelligence for healthcare professionals.
    Streamline administration and governance processes: Our CRM & ERP solutions will help reduce the administrative burden on your employees and empower them to focus on providing excellent service. Microsoft Dynamics improves the speed and accuracy of day-to-day activities such as appointment booking, collating notes and marketing campaigns. This simplicity and transparency helps reduce oversights whilst supporting accountability and compliance.

Dynamics 365 – Project Service Automation for Healthcare

Ben Austen presents this short demo on Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365, this demo focuses on a healthcare practise management scenario.

The technology partner you choose to deliver your Microsoft Dynamics solution should help reduce the complexity associated with transformation.

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