Tisski Culture

It’s the Tisski team spirit that makes Tisski the company it is today.

Yes, we employ positive, super smart people, who have real-life expertise, dependable characters, who naturally go that extra mile. Tisski is, after all, a team of winners.

Our culture is built out of our dreams, dreams that start with raw talent. Intrinsically we recognise potential, which we nurture and mentor.

Tisski Core Values

  • To create and uphold a brand we believe in
  • To promote a commitment to excellence within our business sector and deliver outstanding customer service
  • To empower employees with the skills and abilities they need to be the best
  • To encourage a culture of unity and kindness within Tisski and its surrounding community
  • We work hard to maintain an open culture, where we empower every member of the Tisski team, regardless of their position to share their ideas and opinions. Our spirit of technical excellence is mirrored in our virtual working practices. Our dynamic ‘work from home’ policy, allows our team to work from any location throughout the UK. This flexible arrangement, respects our families, the environment and provides more time for our team to pursue activities that make them happy.

    As a company we meet once per quarter and share ideas and socialise in a very informal environment.

    Our charity work brings us together to help those less fortunate than ourselves and provides the team with a great sense of pride and achievement. Every month one team member gets to pick a charity close to their heart to receive a £1,000 donation, you can find out which charity has been chosen this month through our blog!

    happyness chart

    Tisski takes A Poll Every Friday to Check Out Our Teams Sentiment

    Tisski sleeping rough for Byte Night – 2017

    "Our team are motivated, professional, hardworking and trustworthy. Tisski attracts, 'star performers', who wish to take their career to the next level. Tisski truly are a team of winners, our success is due to our amazing people who have the skills, expertise and passion to be the best."

    − Anna Brooks, CEO

    "I enjoy working at Tisski because I get real opportunities to progress my experience and career. It is great to be a part of Tisski, I’ve never been surrounded by so much experience and talent before. Tisski is great fun and I could easily go out for a few beers with anybody that works here.
    I love working at Tisski because we truly want to make a difference to the customers we work for. I like working for an organisation where it is not all about the profit, but also about making a real difference to both staff and customers lives."

    − Matt Broomhall, Head of CRM

    "Working for Tisski gives me opportunities I never thought I would have, I get to work with a team of people who believe in me and my ability and I have no doubt in my mind that working for Tisski will give me the tools to get me where I aim be with my career. Not only that, but I get to work with a team of people who I respect and can learn endless amounts of skills from. I enjoy working with every single member of the team at Tisski and I feel privileged to work with such an amazing group of people, who are not only colleagues but also good friends. "

    − Jess Salmon, Trainee Consultant

    "Tisski is about Rewards. Quality and excellence in delivery are acknowledged, sure, but innovation, imagination and invention are positively welcome. It has been hugely rewarding for me to participate in a company vision which seeks to break from tired corporate norms such as ``silo-isation`` & standardisation of people and products. In this energetic environment I am being pushed into new territories, boundaries are only there to be challenged and I am thriving on the rewards that come from each mountain behind me."

    − John McCormick – NAV Consultant

    "Work doesn’t feel like work at Tisski. It feels like working with a family, who are all outstanding professionals in their own discipline. I feel privileged to work for such a supportive, caring and special company that puts its people first."

    − Carolyn Arnold – Sales & Marketing Director

    "Tisski is a great company to work for, made up of great colleagues and friends! We've grown 10 fold in the time I've been here, I'm lucky to be part of Tisski and look forward to where we go from here!"

    − Adrian Johnson - ERP Consultant