April Charity Donation

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This month, our charity donation has been given to Mind the mental health charity.

Here is a little about what they do: ‘We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.’

Jess, one of our CRM consultants, chose the donation for this reason:

Mental health is something that has impacted and continues to impact not only loved ones of mine but also me directly, Mind are actually a charity who’s services I have experienced and used first-hand several years ago. I was lucky to get a quick response from them as part of a referral from the NHS and the resources and assistance they provided to me helped me get out of a dark place. Mental Health illnesses are something that a lot of people battle with on a daily basis, I believe that there is increased awareness over recent years and it is an absolute breath of fresh air to know that more people are talking about these things openly and being accepting. However, we still have a long way to go in making this subject a widely accepted one, where people have a deeper understanding of what mental health is and what challenges people can face. I know there is still a lot of work to be done to help charities such as Mind, the resources are stretched, there is not enough support to go around and there are longer waiting lists for help for free. We need to keep talking about mental health openly and supporting charities such as Mind to raise awareness and abolish any feelings of weakness or ‘taboo’ to work towards reducing the number of sufferers and tragedies happening and prevent more families losing their loved ones by preventable causes.

If you’d like to find out more about what Mind do, check out their website here.

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