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Business Central Preconfigured Packages

Adopt a modern-day finance system without committing to a significant upfront cost when you choose one of Tisski’s Business Central packages.

What is a preconfigured Business Central package?

Tisski have introduced a range of preconfigured Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central packages which give organisations of all sizes the opportunity to adopt Microsoft’s comprehensive finance system.

The Business Central Core package offers everything you need to get started in Business Central, covering general ledger, sales to receive and purchase to pay. Out-of-the-box implementation, licencing and support is included.

Aside from the Core package, there are eight add-ons to choose from, which provide access to additional features. You can opt for as many or as few as you’d like.

The additional modules you choose come together with the core offering to form a personalised package. Anyone choosing this route will be given a fixed project cost and completion date and the package pricing model gives you the chance to pay in monthly instalments.

Who would a Business Central package suit?

A preconfigured Business Central package is the ideal way forward if you’re looking to adopt Microsoft’s leading finance software exactly as it comes.

Whether you’re a small business needing to adopt a more formal way to handle your finances, or a rapidly growing organisation at risk of outgrowing your current system, Business Central could prove to be the solution for you.

There’s no denying that cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing a new system, so our Business Central packages and pricing model was created with those unable to make a significant financial commitment on day one in mind.

A package isn’t right for everyone. If you need Business Central configured to meet your specific requirements, please visit our Business Central technology page.

Payment options

Tisski’s package pricing structure gives you the opportunity to split this total cost into 36 monthly instalments, enabling you to adopt an all-encompassing finance platform quickly and efficiently, while also benefiting from a manageable initial cost and a rapid return on investment.

Our Business Central package payment plan is optional. Those wishing to fund their implementation in full from the outset can still opt for a preconfigured package with Tisski.




  • Includes Fixed Assets module, enabling your business to record any fixed assets and their ownership and Employee module, giving you the ability to track and pay expenses. Watch demo


  • Allows you to import bank statements to streamline the bank reconciliation process, as well as the ability to export payments to a BACS file for relevant bank accounts. Watch demo


  • Offers the ability to carry out approvals for journals, sales and purchase documents within Business Central. Watch demo


  • Enables you to create items and record inventory values against them; if stock related, you gain the ability to create locations, zones and bins to hold stock and view availability.


  • Allows you to manage resources such as employees and machines effectively. Access to the Time Sheets enables employees to submit time sheets directly to Business Central. Watch demo


  • Enables you to track project tasks, budgets and spends, and bill your customers with ease. When partnered with Resources+ time sheets can be linked to specific projects, ensuring employee costs are captured. Watch demo
deferral cockpit

Deferral Cockpit

  • Provides easy access to and a visual representation of deferrals posted in Business Central, organised by sales, purchases or general ledger entries. Watch demo
charity accounts

Charity Accounts

  • Helps not-for-profit organisations track and manage donations, calculate Gift Aid value, and export donations quickly and easily to populate the HMRC Gift Aid template. Watch demo

Watch the demo below to see the functionality included in our Business Central Core package:

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