Streamlining Processes for the CWLEP Growth Hub


The Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) Growth Hub is a cooperation of public and private sector organisations working together to secure funding in order to drive local economic growth, increase investment, create new jobs and improve success in the local area. The organisation works with key influencers in order to secure funding to take projects forward in important areas such as small businesses, transport and skills training.

Led by the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), CWLEP Growth Hub is one of 39 Growth Hubs around the country, tasked with creating an additional 55,000 jobs by 2023. By supporting high growth businesses, CWLEP Growth Hub contribute to economic development and job creation.


One of the biggest challenges for CWLEP Growth Hub as an organisation connected with a range of other partners across the region is sharing information easily and efficiently with organisations as diverse as Chambers of Commerce, local councils and universities, as well as a number of other businesses in key sectors. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great solution for this collaboration, providing a 360-degree view of the organisation for everyone involved. The organisations involved in the Growth Hub were using Outlook appointments and Excel spreadsheets to manually handle data, meaning information could easily be misplaced or overlooked. It was important to be able to manage the growing amounts of data easily and efficiently, so migration by Tisski into the Dynamics CRM system was key to the future success of the organisation.

"When the data started piling up, we needed a more sophisticated way to manage it." Craig Humphrey
Managing Director at CWLEP

When the growth hub first started, there was no central source for the information retrieved by each organisation, and much of this was out of date. Tisski needed to create an up-to-date bank of information, accessible to all of the organisations working within the project. Working with multiple organisations meant that security was imperative, making Tisski and Microsoft Dynamics CRM the perfect solution and implementation combination.

Showing that the Growth Hub was meeting its strategic objectives also required clear audit trails and reporting tools, and this was key when it comes to securing and maintaining funding. Dynamics CRM provides a full audit trail and accountability, so reports can be produced quickly and easily.


Through training provided by Tisski, employees and partners with little technical knowledge are now easily and efficiently able to use the integrated system to keep track of all of their appointments and follow these through the entire process from start to finish. The ability to see all of this data in one place, within one platform enables employees to stick to important rules regarding the amount of funding that can be allocated to each request, by preventing duplicate requests being entered into the system and keeping track of where previous support has been provided.

Due to the nature of the Growth Hub, with private and public sector organisations working closely with the partnership, it is important to be able to show a clear audit trail and enable partners to see where their investments are going. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this information can be accessed through the cloud anywhere, at any time, meaning that key influencers are able to access data whenever it is needed.

Initially, Tisski migrated data held at different organisations into one central database: Dynamics CRM Online. This meant importing data from excel spreadsheets, email and a number of other sources into one central database, which allows advisors to see the complete picture and access all of the information needed to streamline processes.


The outcome of this project is a collaboration of up-to-date information which can be accessed by all of the advisors, stakeholders and organisations who need it. There is a clear reporting system to ensure that the growth hub is reaching its goals and learning what is working and what is not, a tracking system to manage interactions, identify growth patterns and ensure outcomes have been achieved for businesses. Regulations are taken into account, with easily visible information about how much funding each business has already received, and who has already provided advice. The system is adaptable to changing central government reporting requirements, allowing full visibility and accountability for each piece of information. By implementing Dynamics CRM with support from Tisski, the CWLEP Growth Hub is helping businesses to buy new land, build new premises, generating jobs and expanding businesses. The Growth Hub are now able to improve and learn through the system to develop their methods and reach their strategic goals.

Working with over 1,200 businesses at any one time means a robust system is needed; Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables all of these businesses to be tracked, and relationships maintained in an optimal and tailored way, enabling these relationships to thrive and develop with more efficient time investment. This means that employees are able to spend more time on raising awareness surrounding the Growth Hub in the local community, and 'making things happen' rather than recording and searching for data.

"The list of things you can do with Dynamics CRM is much, much longer than I ever imagined it would be." Craig Humphrey
Managing Director at CWLEP

With training provided by Tisski, stakeholders are able to get to grips with using the system easily and effectively, driving employees to utilise the bank of data now available to them more efficiently. Strong user uptake means that everyone is able to work together towards their common goal: driving business growth in their region. Subsequently, the council now look to growth hubs in order to gather accurate data. Overall, Tisski were able to implement a system which enables CWLEP Growth Hub to conduct its systems in a much more efficient and inclusive way


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