Deploying Business Central and Our Charity Accelerator for Raptor Rescue

Founded by a group of falconers in the north west of England, Raptor Rescue is a leading specialist charity for bird of prey rehabilitation. As an organisation, Raptor Rescue enables sick and injured birds of prey to receive the care they need from qualified professionals and ensure their eventual release back into the wild wherever possible.

Launched in 1978, Raptor Rescue has grown steadily and come to play an instrumental role in the care and rehabilitation of some thousands of birds of prey, establishing a national network of rehabilitators and experienced carers to undertake the demanding task of treating vulnerable birds that come into care each year.

Working to raise public awareness of native raptor species and highlighting the importance of conservation, Raptor Rescue works closely with recognised bodies, including the RSPCA, RSPB, BTO, National Wildlife Crime Unit and Wildlife Police Officers. Financial support is given to established rehabilitators, helping cover the costs associated with the collection and treatment of birds, veterinary bills and the purchase of specialist equipment.

After a long time spent struggling with their existing finance software, its lack of functionality and an unwanted reliance on spreadsheets, Raptor Rescue decided it was time for change.

Partnering with Tisski, Raptor Rescue opted for the Business Central Core and Banking+ package, as well as the organisation’s Charity Accounts add-on.

“Opting for a package with Tisski, we were able to pick those functions most relevant to our charity and use these to address existing gaps in functionality. We were really impressed with Tisski’s understanding of the charity sector, and how swiftly they were able to implement software that completely suited our needs.” Malcom Robbins
Chairman at Raptor Rescue

By making the investment in a Business Central package, Raptor Rescue now benefits from a wealth of new functionality, giving full control of financial management and reporting. In addition, the attachment of Charity Accounts allows them to unleash further benefits specific to the sector.

Providing the tools needed to effectively manage funds and link grants to specific projects and activities, Business Central and its add-ons enables Raptor Rescue to gain an in-depth overview of incomings and outgoings and produce accurate reports to reflect these. They can also pinpoint Gift Aid transactions with ease and export relevant information to report to HMRC.

Like many charities, Raptor Rescue has a membership base of people and organisations who support its activities - rescue, rehabilitation and release of native birds of prey. By adopting Business Central, the charity now has membership data (including unique IDs, membership status and any associated receipts of payment) and financial data stored securely in a single platform; the General Journal function enables employees to access details on memberships, fees, renewals and donations quicker than ever before.


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