Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Insight for Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is a sponsored, non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government, and they work to encourage economic development, innovation and investment in businesses across Scotland. Hoping to leverage valuable insight from real-time data and enhance the service they offer to their clients, Scottish Enterprise turned to Tisski to provide a tech implementation that could help them do exactly that.

Agnes Dalrymple, Technical Support for Dynamics at Scottish Enterprise, said: "Tisski brought experienced consultants and experience of working in other organisations, so they can actually say 'have you thought about doing it this way?'. Having an experienced partner gives you that reassurance and comfort, as well as bringing additional extras."

Watch the video below to hear more from Agnes, and discover what Director of Digital Transformation, Glenn Exton, and Account Manager, John Chisholm, had to say about working with Tisski and the benefits the implementation brought to Scottish Enterprise.


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