Exploring Dynamic Healthcare: Closing the carbon security hole.

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Healthcare carbon security

How much do you think will be spent on Cyber security in 2019?

Forbes has estimated the figure to exceed one hundred and twenty four billion dollars! Yet, one of the greatest security threats in any organisation is a carbon based one.
Statutory information systems such as the NHS Electronic Staff Record and the Registration Authority and Smart Cards offer good levels of security, but other manual processes introduces risk. This is particularly prevalent in Community Health providers and Mental Health Trusts with clinics and satellite bases spread over large geographic areas. Automating processes between the HR and IT would reduce the timeframe a new starter would be without a login account, and the risk of end users sharing accounts and the closing of an account of an outgoing employee even more crucial. Staffing is by far the greatest expense in the NHS.  So small increments in process efficiency could have significant fiscal benefits.
NHS card for security

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how can it help?

Dynamics 365 is a secure, multi-faceted, customisable software solution. It is able to merge and manipulate data from many sources, before presenting to the end user through a modern and flexible user interface. Other sectors including central government, finance and legal industries have been using Dynamics 365 as a secure platform to provide a 360-degree view of their data, their customers and operations for many years.

Integration to the wider O365 suite

Dynamics 365 is a key element of the Microsoft productivity portfolio and intergrates with Word, Outlook, Power BI and Excel.
diffferent apps within dynamics 365
In addition to its Health clients Tisski has extensive experience in jointly discovering the art of the possible in these other sectors and has worked hand in hand with customer project teams to deliver those visions into reality.
Alongside skilled Dynamics 365 consultants, Tisski has a Business Transformation division with knowledge and skills across the entire Microsoft productivity suite, the opportunity is to realise the full power and benefits of an integrated solution.
To get insight into the flexibility and opportunities of Dynamics 365 and the entire Microsoft productivity suite in your context, book a transformation discovery session with Tisski.

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