Revitalise your membership organisation with a starter solution

With extensive out-of-the-box functionality, Connect can help you monitor, manage and engage with your members, keeping your offering relevant and your experience smooth.

What is Connect?

What is Connect?

Connect is a no-code accelerator created specifically with membership organisations in mind. Maximising on the flexibility and capability of Microsoft technology, Connect is a customisation of Dynamics 365 which enables organisations to quickly and cost-effectively adopt a platform that facilitates the management of multiple aspects of membership.

Introducing Connect to your membership organisation will enable you to:

  • Access a comprehensive member directory and monitor how engaged each member is
  • Send tailored communications via the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform
  • Manage subscriptions, dues and renewals with ease
  • Provide members with access to a dedicated portal
  • Track member benefits and gain a holistic view of who utilises which benefits

This digital platform can help you enhance user experience for your members and use insights gained to attract new members, all while offering your employees an easy-to-access platform to manage the membership process from a member's initial consideration through to renewal.

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Monitor membership engagement levels

With access to membership engagement profiles, you can access data which indicates how engaged each of your members is and use insights you collect to further enhance member experience.

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Unify account and contact data

While existing platforms make it difficult to collate membership records for both accounts (i.e. businesses) and contacts (i.e. individuals), Connect enables you to store member records for both.

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Harness Dynamics 365 capability

With access to Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can create compelling campaigns to help attract and retain members by sending tailored communications at crucial points along their journey.

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Find out what Connect can do for membership organisations

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