Tisski’s CountryChoice is a simple Addon for Dynamics365 for achieving country name consistency along the application.
This enables organizations to avoid non-standardized data entry, in addition to standardizing existing country data.

Why CountryChoice

Dynamics CRM Country fields are free text and therefore notoriously prone to typing errors and user judgement.The solution applies to accounts, contacts and leads, offering:

  • Standardized official country list (with up to 2 friendly names for easy data entry) based on the official data provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the government of the United Kingdom.
  • Autocompletion for all country fields.
  • Autocorrection for imported records.


    Out of the box, only the common country names exist in the solution package. For successful country mapping, the alternative names should be filled by the user accordingly.

    How it works

    During the creation of a new account, contact or lead, as the user types in the country name, text is filtered through country common and alternative names and the results are displayed in a list, so the user can choose the desired country. To achieve consistency, by typing an alternative country name, the common name will be proposed to the user.Apart from the user interface, the solution offers autocorrection for bulk import of records by third party applications. For each updated record, a Boolean field is updated. Thus, the user can check which records contain country values that are not included in the alternative names’ list.

    How to use CountryChoice

    Using CountryChoice couldn’t be simpler! Once installed, just map the common country names with their alternatives and start typing in the country field of the desired record. The addon will search the list and propose country names according to the user’s input!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I add my custom countries?

    Yes! You will be given a short training along with a user guide and a “Country List” excel file to help you add custom alternative names.

    Can I change the country name?

    Yes, any of the configuration fields can be changed at any time. However, this does not change the existing records, which will need to be identified and modified separately.

    For which entities and fields is this solution applied to?

    The solution applies to accounts, contacts and leads and specifically the country name field.

    Will there be performance issues when searching for countries?

    No!The country list is loaded on the beginning of each form, so that search results will be available throughout the new/update record process.

    Does CountryChoice support third party applications?

    Sure! Whenever a Dynamics365 account, contact or lead is modified by any external application, CountryChoice is triggered.

    How can I be sure that imported records are correct?

    Easily! By using the “Records with Invalid Country” view, the user can check which of the imported records has a country that is not in the list of countries.

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