CRM On Premise V On Line – Dynamics CRM Online Estimator

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Courtesy of Forrester and Microsoft we now have access to a tool (Dynamics CRM Online Estimator) to assess the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Dynamics CRM Online vs. an On-Premises CRM solution

By entering a broad spectrum of key information about your organisation, such as size, marketing spend, annual revenue growth, existing CRM conditions, costs of expansion, etc., we can generate a multi-year impact report on resulting cash flow and ROI, detailing cost and benefit estimates.

In creating this fabulous tool Forrester concluded that the CRM Online Platform provides organizations with:​

  • Business agility in reduced capital expenditures and human capital requirements
  • A significantly improved time-to-value proposition
  • Scalability across geographies and user growth/shrinkage situations
  • A capable offline solution for remote workforce in areas of poor connection
  • Reduced ongoing CRM maintenance and support cost

Interested? Contact us and we will go through this exercise to discover the value to you.

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