Need a new NAV or Business Central Support Partner?

At Tisski, we’re well-versed in taking over legacy support contracts, quickly getting to grips with your organisation and standing up a gold-level service.

Find out how we have done this successfully for Cullum Detuners (Cullum), one of the UK’s leading engineering companies working across aerospace, marine, energy and automotive sectors.


Cullum implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 to deliver an end-to-end finance solution, this included control and management of projects and manufacturing, all fully integrated with the core finance ledgers. In addition, they use Spindle for bulk emailing and Jet Reports for reporting out of the system.

Having delivered the core solution, Cullum felt that in order to move forward, they needed to work with a new Microsoft partner, Tisski was recommended to Cullum Detuners by their infrastructure provider and were quickly engaged as the Dynamics NAV Partner for Cullum.


Firstly, Tisski completed a full ‘health check’ to ensure that we fully understood how the application had been configured, customised and set-up. This health check also included and an audit of the code and system set-up, Tisski spent time with the Cullum team to understand how the system was being used and what their aspirations were around how they’d like to use it!

Tisski provided Cullum with a senior ERP consultant with financial background and ensured that a relationship was built based upon a sound understanding of the system. This close collaboration meant that Cullum trusted Tisski to provide a solution that was totally aligned to their business needs.


Tisski delivered a service design and now deliver full support of the application. In addition to the support offering, Tisski have been working with Cullum on a continual improvement programme which has delivered a number of enhancements to the system, including fixes where code was broken.

Part of this solution involved Tisski automating across the project module, which has significantly reduced time spent by the Cullum team, enabling them to be more efficient and improving their confidence in the system.

The second phase included a cleanse and further improvements, Tisski also reviewed the usability of using Dynamics NAV on mobile devices.
Future phases will continue to enhance the system – as an example, improvements in stock management are planned.


Tisski ERP Consultant, Racheal Harris

‘Cullum are a great organisation to work with, wei were able to quickly get to grips with their organisation, systems and processes and deliver them with the level of service and support that they needed.’

Financial Applications Director, Richard Baxter

‘it can be a really daunting to switch support partners, at Tisski we pride ourselves in our genuine partnership approach and providing consultants that have the domain expertise.

We were delighted recently with feedback from one of our large public sector clients who said the support that they received from Tisski was ‘second to none’. This is a clear indication that our investment in our support team and infrastructure is delivering our customers with exactly what they need’.

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