David Biggins, the Financial Director at SAS Global Communications (SAS) was keen to harness the potential of cloud ERP technology to optimise key areas of the business’ finance and accounting function.

Established in 1989, SAS monitors tens of thousands of devices across 65 countries and provides Wide Area Network (WAN) management services for organisations such as Metro Bank, Euro Car Parts, Sir Robert McAlpine, Princes Foods and the Racing Point F1 team.

Its ERP and management platform includes real-time pricing, ordering, provisioning, inventory, CRM, live ticketing, monitoring, reporting and billing functions.

The business needed a powerful and secure ERP solution that could transform disparate legacy systems, without risking disruption to its global operations.

David and his department were keen to ensure both clients and internal teams benefit from the workflow optimisation, data visibility and mobile accessibility cloud-based ERP provides.

The initial stage of SAS’ three-phase digital transformation initiative was completed by the company’s in-house team. The project won the ‘SME Solution of the Year’ category at IT Europa’s European IT and Software Excellence awards.


Tisski were selected as the ideal partner to build on the successful platform created by the first phase of transformation.

Our specialist financial technology consultants collaborated closely with SAS to:

  • Deliver a custom configuration of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (Nav), that integrates effectively with the existing operational environment and technology ecosystem
  • Strengthen financial analytics, visualisation and reporting functions to aid operational and strategic decision making
  • Create a secure self-service portal to provide SAS’ clients with greater flexibility, insight and control over information
  • Develop lean workflows and automated processes to increase efficiency and reduce the administrative burden on internal teams
  • Increase accessibility and facilitate collaboration in key areas of the finance function

    Key benefits:

    This phase of transformation was delivered in time and on budget and has helped SAS to:

  • Further enhance client relationships by providing more visibility and control over key financial information
  • Boost efficiencies by minimising manual data searches and input requirements
  • Support productivity by enabling clients and employees to access key information and collaborate from any location, on any device and at any time
  • Establish a strategic Modern Finance platform that will enable the business to harness machine learning, AI and predictive analytics to facilitate the business’ ongoing transformation programme and underpin its future success
  • Project Quotes:


    David Biggins, Financial Director at SAS Global Communications

    “SAS provide the highest levels of service, so our finance function needs to support customer demand for more billing information and flexibility. To achieve this, we had to consolidate and streamline disparate legacy systems that had been implemented over the years.”


    Richard Baxter, Finance and Applications Director at Tisski

    “Our Modern Finance approach harnesses the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s configurability to integrate and strengthen existing software systems, or replace them, with minimal operational risk.”


    David Biggins, Financial Director at SAS Global Communications

    “From day one of its implementation, Tisski’s Modern Finance ERP system has saved us time and money by providing a consolidated view of key data and automating processes that previously required significant manual input.
    “It’s also providing a real time feed of internal financial reports, enabling our board and other team members to make data-informed decisions at any time or location.”


    What SAS had to say about Tisski

    David Biggins, Financial Director at SAS Global Communications, said: “After the fantastic award-winning work our team completed, we approached Tisski as we needed a specialist in finance and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to help us configure a fully-optimised ERP system capable of supporting our growth strategy.

    “We’re extremely impressed with the professionalised, personable approach from Tisski’s team and we’ll continue leveraging their experience to further improve our internal systems.”

    Tisski’s thoughts on the project from Richard Baxter, Finance and Applications Director at Tisski. Richard is a former Financial Controller and member of the senior management team at Trinity Expert Systems Ltd:
    Richard Baxter, Finance and Applications Director at Tisski, said: “The enhanced visibility and automation delivered by this project quickly made a significant difference to SAS’ clients and in-house finance and commercial departments.

    “It’s more important than ever for organisations to utilise cloud-based technology to optimise operational processes, systems and functions in support of client service and strategic objectives.

    “SAS Global Communications are a perfect example of the type of ambitious and innovative organisations we love building long-term collaborative relationships with.”