Tisski’s DataShield is an Addon for Dynamics 365 that blocks the export of personal data into Excel. This enables organizations to widely grant the Export To Excel permissions without exposing themselves to the risk of accidental data leaks. Tisski’s DataShield can help your organization stay compliant with the EU’s GDPR and other data protection laws around the world.

How it works

All CRM Entities and attributes that are designed to hold personal data are “blacklisted” by default. If there are other entities and attributes in your organization that hold personal data, these can also be added to the blacklist.
When data from a view or grid is exported to Excel, all “blacklisted” fields are blanked out.

Personal Data

Any information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual is considered personal data. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, names, etc. Information that identifies companies is not considered personal data and is exempt (e.g. – Reception phone, generic email addresses, registered office address, etc.)

How DataShield helps you stay GDPR Compliant

Access to personal data within CRM is tightly controlled. However, once this data moves out of CRM and into Excel, it can be lost in a variety of ways, including being accidentally sent to the wrong recipient, loss of device, etc. According to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), 4 out of the 5 biggest causes of data security incidents are such human errors. By removing the possibility of data being exported to Excel, you can get rid of one of the biggest security headaches in your organization.

How to use DataShield

DataShield is extremely simple! Once installed, it is completely invisible to users and administrators alike! Just select a view from any entity and click “Export to Excel”. That’s it! All personal data columns in your view will be emptied upon export.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I add my custom entities?

Yes! You will be given a short training along with a user guide and a “settings generator” excel file to help you add custom or OOB entities and attributes to the “blacklist”?

Which entities and fields are considered “Personal Data”?

The list is far too long to enumerate here, but when you purchase the solution you will receive a full list of entities and attributes that are included.

Does it work if I export To Excel Online?

With excel online, it is very easy to accidentally update CRM data, so you run the risk of having personal data blanked out within CRM! For this reason, Export to Excel is disabled when the exported columns contain personal data. If there is no personal data, export to Excel Online works normally. This blocking can easily be disabled via a setting.

Can I temporarily pause DataShield?

DataShield is implemented as a plugin, and so it can be disabled by a System Administrator if required.

How can I be sure that all personal data is being blocked?

This is something that is very dependent on customizations and how CRM is used in each organization. All OOB fields designed to hold personal data are certainly blocked, but if there are other fields (especially custom fields) that hold personal data, these will need to be added to the “blacklist”. For example, the “Email” field on the Account form is designed to hold generic email addresses such as “info@company.com”. If your CRM has personal email addresses in that field, it should be added to the “blacklist”.

Can you guarantee GDPR compliance?

Please see Question 5. However, if your organization does not have a CRM expert or if you need assistance with a personal data audit, you can hire Tisski’s team of experts who are ready to help you conduct a full audit of personal data in your organization and add any missing entities and attributes to DataShield’s blacklist.

What is the performance impact?

DataShield has a very small impact on your Excel exports (200-500ms), based on the number of entities sand columns included.

Will DataShield work for reports as well?

No, since reports work by accessing the database directly, export of a report cannot be intercepted.

Can I enable DataShield on a per-user basis?

This feature is in the pipleline! However, currently there is no way to bypass DataShield for specific users.

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