Exploring Dynamic Healthcare: Data Silos – no more!

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How many data silos do you think your organisation has? How much benefit could be realised if unlocked?

Your organisation has masses of useful patient and staff data, but its locked away in data silos. If unlocked, these could bring significant patient benefit or improve back office processes, resulting in much needed operational efficiencies. You may have patient data recorded in separate clinical systems. Some departments may be using Excel spreadsheets. More often than not, some will still be using home grown Access Databases! A necessity at the time beholding to a tactical rather than strategic solution!

Direct integrations between these sources are unachievable and manual transcribing can be risky. But you are resolute that combining these information sources along the patient pathway will empower healthcare professionals. That it will give a complete view of the patient, leading to less tests, quicker referrals and a dramatic reduction in treatment time. Thus giving much improved patient outcomes.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how can it help?

Dynamics 365 is a secure, multi-faceted, customisable software solution. It is able to merge and manipulate data from many sources, before presenting to the end user through a modern and flexible user interface. Dynamics can even present a ‘patient portal’. Enabling patients to review and update selected areas of their health record, read letters and book appointments. Putting the most invested person at the centre of their care.

Central government, finance and legal industries have been using Dynamics 365 for many years. Confident that it is a secure platform to provide a 360-degree view of their data, their customers and operations.


Dynamics integrates with the full Microsoft suite including; Outlook, Teams and Power BI.

diffferent apps within dynamics 365

Changing from an aged clinical application, with very limited functionality, into a modern and customisable platform such as Dynamics offers unparalleled opportunities including:

  • Automatically generating alerts and emails if thresholds are breached or situations which require urgent management attention manifest.
  • Dashboards and content rich reports taken from the many data sources can be presented on smart whiteboards, information displays in patient areas or control centres.
  • A&E attendances can be reviewed over breakfast from a Power Bi app on a Smartphone.
  • Clinical service leads can be alerted with an integration to the paging system, email or via Microsoft Teams.


Office 365 is increasingly being placed at the heart of Healthcare and Dynamics is a key component.

Besides customers in the healthcare sector, Tisski has extensive experience in discovering the art of the possible in other sectors. Working hand in hand with customer project teams to deliver those visions into reality. Tisski also has their own business transformation team, ensuring your organisation can realise the full power and benefits of an integrated solution.

To get insight into the flexibility and opportunities of Dynamics and the entire Microsoft productivity suite in your context, book a transformation discovery session with Tisski.

Dynamics, can it? – Just ask, the answer is usually yes.


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