Exploring Dynamic Healthcare: The 3 am moment

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3am - worrying about healthcare

Written by Lee Francis

That 3 am moment. Waking with a start, looking over at the clock telling you its far too early to be conscious.
Mind racing, thinking back to the meeting where the latest CQUIN deliverables related to IT were imparted. Seven-figure totals held back if the deliverables are missed.

Your team already under extreme pressure ‘just to keep the lights on’. Working over and above their contracted hours, overtime budget flashing red every time you meet with the Dir of IT. The latest wave of cybersecurity measures ‘Top Trumping’ the urgent priorities list’ How are you going to address this latest round of CQUINs, knowing full well the fiscal and clinical risks if you don’t?

It’s difficult to get a full picture of the project portfolio. The static Excel document doing its best to relay just how oversubscribed each individual is. Dependencies between projects are unclear, and projects incorrectly classed as a low priority item are pushed well past their due date. Escalation…staff are fearful for their jobs. If you’d have just known about it a month ago, it would have been a relatively easy fix. Now you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and it feels very, very lonely.

There is a way to make it easier though. A way to track projects, to manage risks and issues and to keep all stakeholders up to date on progress.

Health Forward is a custom designed programme and project management tool from Tisski, developed in conjunction with a Commisioning Support Unit (CSU).


Take back control with Tisski’s healthforward.

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