Join this short webinar to get a high-level view of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At the end of the 30 minute live session you will know:

  • What’s included as standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality can help your business processes, sales pipeline, marketing campaign management and customer service levels
  • What you get as standard in terms of support, training and access to CRM expertise.

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Ben Austen, a CRM development and consultancy guru, brings his practical experience and expertise to bear to ensure that CRM implementations offer an attractive ROI, improved and enhanced processes and give a real time 360 degree view of the business, while assisting with management decision making and day to day operations.

“Tisski have been helping us with CRM for many years. Whether it is enhanced audit functions, server configuration, complex customisation, workflows (including many to many relationships), plugins etc. they have always found a solution”

Andrew Mountford, Heartwood Group