In the health sector our priority has to be patients and their care but being able to track projects, budgets, resources and outcomes is becoming more and more critical as our resources are becoming more and more stretched. healthforward is a cost effective easy to use tool allowing the NHS and other associated departments to monitor project success and review resource and budget constraints in real time.

Tisski believe that by creating vertical solutions for the public sector we can unlock some of the barriers to entry for government to really benefit from the power of Dynamics 365 so we have created a range of solutions to allow departments to deliver and trial quickly and easily, keeping implementation times to between 4-12 weeks.

For a one-off fee of £59k (exc. VAT) + license cost, and a 4 week build, you will get:

• A solution adapted specifically project management in healthcare
• Integration with Microsoft Project
• Resource Management
• Risk and issue logging capabilities
• Contact and Case Management
• Project Management Dashboards

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