Implementation for the public sector

Helping you harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics

You’ll recognise that Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP software delivers the power, flexibility, usability and cost efficiencies required by the public sector. We agree whole-heartedly, which is why Tisski specialise in this solution. It means we can provide an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge that’ll help you get the most out of the capabilities of this innovative technology.

CRM & ERP shouldn’t be about big, customised, expensive and risky projects that are hard to implement, hard to get employees to engage with and carry excessive service overheads.

We pride ourselves on taking a very different approach based on:

  • Experience: Insight from successful projects delivered across the public sector ensures we’ll quickly gain a deep understanding of your needs, operational structure and requirements. Our appreciation of sector nuances allows us to plot the most efficient and effective way forward, anticipating potential hurdles and executing proven strategies in a compliant manner.
  • Professionalism: We’ll use robust controls to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics project is on-spec, on-time and on-budget. Our rigorous approach and proven testing strategy reduces risk and ensures business continuity during controlled, phased roll-outs.
  • Hard work: We’re proud to be an SMB that is big enough to deliver but small enough to care. Our team is well resourced, UK-based and boasts senior consultants and business analysis who are highly experienced in delivering complex implementations involving multiple environments. We believe it’s rare to find an SMB like us that has the work ethic and customer-centric approach needed to deliver public sector projects to the highest standard.
  • Integrity: Trust is key. We’re not a big business that’s in thrall to its shareholders. Every single employee is customer facing, meaning we never over-promise or over-sell. We are realistic and accessible, ensuring we provide clear, concise and valuable consultancy that simplifies the process of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP.
  • Collaboration: With significant experience in the public sector, we are acutely aware that we must help you maximise your budget. Our focus on training and cross-team working is designed to deliver highly valuable knowledge and skills transfer. We aim to effectively embed systems in an organisation, minimising the need for costly external technical support after project completion.
  • The foundation of our growth and success has been providing exceptional service levels and generating high levels of client satisfaction in the public sector.