Job queue alert support

Within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Application Job Queues Entries can unexpectedly error for multiple reasons and stop. Currently the only way of identifying the Job Queue Entry has stopped would be for a user to manually check the status of the Job Queue Entry and interrogate the Job Queue Log Entries to see why. Job Queue alert makes this task much simpler!

How it works

Job Queue Alert will inform the relevant user that the Job Queue has stopped based on how frequent the monitor is set up for allowing for a quicker resolution. Notifications can be turned on and off per Job Queue Entry with additional fields identifying the relevant recipient per Job Queue Entry ensuring the most appropriate email (individual or group mailbox) receives the notification.

How to use Job Queue Alert

Job Queue Alert is extremely simple. Once installed, the monitoring service is running and all Job Queue Entries that require monitoring are setup, the user then simply receives the email notifications and follows standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central processes to resolve and restart the Job Queue Entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Why am I not receiving any Email notifications from the Job Queue Alert?

A1. Please check the following:

SMTP Setup within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is correctly populated, and the Test Email has been successfully received.

The Tisski Job Queue Monitor is running, and you are seeing Job Queue Log Entries.

Q2. Why did I not receive any Email notifications to inform that the Tisski_Job Queue has stopped running?

A2. The Tisski_Queue Monitoring cannot monitor itself, the user will need to make sure that the Job Queue Entry is running, and this would be the first item to check should notifications not be received. Should this continue to stop please contact Tisski Support and provide the Job Queue Log Entry error details.

Q3. Why I am receiving notifications for some but not all Job Queue Entries?

A3. Please check the setup for the Job Queue Entry as per Section 3 of this User Guide

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