March Charity Choice

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This month, the choice of charity donation falls to John McCormick, our support desk manager.

AYME is the association of young people with M.E. also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a debilitating illness which limits the life choices of hundreds of thousands of people.

AYME provides a non-medical supporting role for sufferers (and parents) through practical advice, internet forums sample letters and advice on legal rights. One of the principle battles parents face is persuading officialdom that the child is ill and not truanting. In this capacity alone AYME has a role in ensuring that thousands of children are treated with the compassion they deserve instead of condemnation and threats of legal action.

AYME is largely run by volunteers: it is not a famous charity with celebrity sponsors and it faces an uphill battle to survive.

These services have been funded by Children in Need since 2013, but funding will cease at the end of 2016. With severely limited general funds, AYME cannot continue to provide this level of support.

John said ‘This charity’s funding from children in need ran out in December so a donation of £1000 will make an enormous and welcome difference. My daughter suffers from this condition and among the effects are, for example, that she can only manage 4 hours per week of education.’

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