Leveraging next generation cloud-based CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence software in membership organisations

Membership organisations face a perfect storm when it comes to member recruitment:

  • Higher expectations – Tech-savvy members are increasingly demanding high-quality customer journey standards that reflect the digital experiences they have from service providers in other areas of their personal and professional lives.
  • Need for differentiation – Membership organisations are required to better articulate their value proposition in light of the amount of freely available information, resources and social networks online.
  • Remaining relevant – Organisations need to understand their stakeholders better, engage them effectively and ensure they remain responsive to their needs.
  • Diversification – It’s important to anticipate and adapt to changing demand and create compelling new subscription and revenue generation opportunities.
    Membership organisations using legacy software and technology systems will find it increasingly challenging to adapt and thrive in this environment.

    This is why Tisski developed its ‘Dynamics for Membership’ technology solutions. Our specialist consultants can help you configure the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence software to overcome these challenges and unlock new growth opportunities.
    If you’d like to explore what benefits a tailored ‘Dynamics for Membership’ solution would deliver for your organisation, book a free Membership Organisation Impact Assessment with one of our experienced consultants now.

    In addition to powerful CRM and marketing capabilities our ‘Dynamics for Membership’ solutions can also incorporate:

  • Membership management and retention solutions that improve service delivery processes, introduce self-service functionality and incorporate automated alerts.
  • A fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software that can be configured to streamline key finance processes (e.g. renewals/payments) and enhance cross-department co-ordination.
  • Applied machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide deep insights across marketing, member service, finance and operations.
  • Find out how you could benefit from Tisski’s expertise:

    Our consultants can provide you with a free Impact Assessment to help identify key opportunities for transformation and understand the ROI you could achieve by introducing an integrated cloud software solution.
    We’ll assess how adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 will impact your organisation in relation to four key areas that affect member recruitment/retention and operational effectiveness:

  • Supporting member experience
  • Enhancing segmentation, targeting and personalisation
  • Reducing administration
  • Improving business intelligence

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    Harness your Data

    If you work in a Membership organisation and recognise these barriers to progress, it’s time to review whether your systems are fit for purpose.

    Many organisations we speak to are finding that legacy on-premise and disparate software is a limiting factor but are concerned about the cost and complexity of introducing new software.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the ideal solution. It’s cloud-based, straightforward to configure and features a wide range of powerful out-of-the-box functionality which can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and its members.

    Having supported the digital transformation of many membership organisations, Tisski used this insight and experience to develop ‘Dynamics for Membership’. Our systems:

  • Support decision making – Create an optimised CRM platform that provides a customised real-time, accurate and detailed view of stakeholders, targets and leads across all channels. This key information can be fully harnessed using advanced monitoring, reporting and planning tools.
  • Enable more personalisation – Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing’s segmentation and nurture capabilities to better understand your prospects to create and activate highly targeted messages around services, support and engagement opportunities.
  • Increase engagement – Ensure you maintain regular, timely communications with your key stakeholders. Create closed loop reporting to ensure each and every communication generates data that helps inform and refine future engagement.
  • Increase online accessibility – Create customised web portal access which enable prospects to engage and transact with your organisation online. Usage examples might be accessing paid-for information, booking targeted services or securing places at events.
  • Streamline activities – Configure automated workflows and apps to dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of managing and engaging with your stakeholders.
  • Benefit from the cloud – Establish a robust, secure and flexible system using an established industry-leading cloud platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a scalable, fully integrated solution that can interface with wider systems using APIs and can be accessed via mobile devices.
    If you’d like to explore how approach could benefit you and your business, you can book a free Membership Organisations Impact Assessment with one of our consultants.
    Future guides in this series will explore:

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  • Leading the pack: Strengthening your membership organisations’ Finance and Operations capabilities.