Microsoft Dynamics® Connector for NAV and CRM Integration

Traditionally, bringing together an organisation’s back-end financial systems and their front-end customer relationship management systems has been fraught with fragile technical work-arounds.

With the native Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM, Tisski can now have your two key business applications working in harmony in a seamless, secure and reliable way. Connector for Microsoft Dynamics provides organisations with a number of distinct advantages:

  • Streamline interdepartmental communication. With data between your Dynamics NAV and CRM systems, teams can collaborate more easily.
  • Cut data and work duplication. Connector provides your organisation with an easy way for teams to update a single, central database rather than patch processes together. And less work duplicating data means less potential for data entry errors.
  • Make more informed business decisions. With enhanced visibility over the business and its customers, your team can make more informed decisions using real-time, joined up data. And with a more consistently clean data source, you teams can be assured of a single version of the truth on which to base sound decisions.
  • Become a more customer focused organisation. Enable more teams to track and record key customer information and make it available to relevant people throughout your organisation.
  • Drive profitability with more productive employees and more efficient business processes. Rather than being bogged down with inefficient, disjointed processes that have the potential to multiply errors, your teams can focus on better serving the customer.
  • Easier upgrades. Native Microsoft technology means that the connections between Dynamics NAV and CRM are less vulnerable to technical incompatibilities when it comes time to upgrade either system.

Why Tisski and Microsoft Dynamics Connector?

As a Microsoft Partner focused on delivering intuitive, user friendly solutions for its clients, Connector is a natural fit for Tisski’s vision. And Connector can help clients reap substantial benefits around time to market, improved cash and agility.

If your business is ready to break down the information silos in your business and unlock hidden productivity while protecting sensitive information, contact the Tisski team today to discuss how Connector could work for you.