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Our F&O Practice works closely with our customers to understand their needs to ensure that platform design is optimised to meet their requirements, and of course we’re able to do this remotely during these uncertain times.

Why choose Microsoft F&O?

  • Unified strategic platform
  • Interoperability across departments
  • Single view of data
  • Highly resilient
  • Cost optimisation
  • Cloud computing
  • Enhanced governance

    D365 Finance

    Empower your global financial operations with Dynamics 365 Finance. A market leading finance solution to modernise your financial operations, provide real time in depth performance and make data-driven decisions to support effective management and deployment of your resources.

    Features include:

    Accounts payable
    Accounts receivable
    Cash and bank management
    Cost accounting
    Expense management
    Financial reporting
    Fixed assets
    General ledger and Financial reporting
    Project management and accounting
    Public sector

    In addition to the above D365 Finance is GDPR ready, includes a broad tool set of regulatory features to ensure compliance around the word and is supported by powerful AI providing predictive analytics.

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    D365 Supply Chain Management

    Make operations more intelligent than ever with D365 Supply Chain Management. Better realise new efficiencies, innovation and growth with an agile, connected and resilient supply chain. Join the 4th industrial revolution with manufacturing industry leveraging AI and machine learning, connecting your factory floor to the internet of things (IoT).

    Features include:

    Asset management
    Cost accounting
    Cost management
    Inventory management
    Master planning
    Procurement and sourcing
    Product information management
    Production control
    Sales and marketing
    Service management
    Transportation management
    Warehouse management

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    Since October 2019 Microsoft have changed the way Dynamics 365 Unified Operations (F&O) is licensed and have moved towards application specific licensing, bringing the model in line with their wider D365 licensing approach. An overview of the D365 F&O licensing model and a brief summary of the different license types is below.

    Only users with a core license are eligible for an attach licence. For example if a user requires Finance and Supply chain management module access then they would require a core finance license (£135.70) and an SCM attach license (£22.60). If a user only needs finance modules then they would require a core finance license (£135.70). These users are referred to as ‘full’ users of the application for example finance employees, customer service representatives, HR employees etc.

    ‘Additional Users’ of the application are generally the majority of the system users and would require an activity, team member or HR self service licence. These users would typically perform system light tasks such as time/expense entry, document approvals, data/report analysis extraction etc. A brief overview of each license type is as follows:

  • HR Self Service: Access to only the D365 HR application. Enables user access to self service actions such as maintaining personal details, submitting/approving leave requests, view employee details etc
  • Team Member: Provides read access across the core application. Typical actions performed by these users, in addition to HR self service, are time/expenses submission, requisition creation and submission, create edit budget details etc
  • Activity: Typically uses which require more than team member, but do not require ‘full’ user rights. Typical actions performed by these users, in addition to team member, are: Approval of activity related transactions and create edit master data records (suppliers, customer, budget etc)
  • Together with the ‘full’ and ‘additional’ named user licenses above there is the option for a device license which allows any number of users to access a specific licensed device without the need for individual users licenses. A typical example would be a warehouse terminal which is used by multiple users to receipt, pick, put away, pack etc.

    If you would like further information on D365 F&O licensing please contact us and we would be happy to assist. Alternatively, please refer here for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

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