Unlocking value with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

For Financial Directors, Chief Financial Officers and Finance Departments at mid-sized businesses, there’s never been a better time to explore how cloud accounting software could support your strategic finance aspirations.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central technology is more powerful, accessible and cost-effective than ever, with enterprise-level functionality supporting key accounting technology trends such as:

  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to model more accurate forecasts and generate strategic board-level insights.
  • Deploying robotic process automation to optimise workflows, reduce manual inputs and ensure accuracy.
  • Creating a unified, real-time and accurate view of key accounting metrics to support collaboration and decision making across the business.
  • Harnessing mobile applications to enable you, your finance team and the wider business to collaborate at any time and from any location.

    Tisski are experts in helping mid-sized businesses harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to unlock value and support the evolution of strategic financial management.

    Our ERP team are financial technology specialists led by a qualified accountant…so we understand your challenges and speak your language.

    The Modern Finance approach

    Every day we work with FDs, CFOs and Finance Departments at ambitious mid-sized businesses who feel the ‘growing pains’ associated with legacy ERP systems.

    In an uncertain and volatile environment, the risk of not adopting the best cloud-based accounting software far outweigh potential reservations about change.

    We believe Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the future of accounting technology for mid-sized businesses…let us explain why:

    Modern Finance Value Assessment

    Let our consultants give you a free assessment of how cloud-based accounting software could deliver value and unlock growth in your mid-sized business.

    Our ERP team are financial technology specialists and experienced at configuring software to support new accounting trends.

    We’ll quickly assess the impact adopting Microsoft Dynamics Business Central will have on your business in relation to:

  • Supporting decision making with a unified, real-time and accurate view of key accounting metrics.
  • Improving forecasting by harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Creating efficient workflows through robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Harnessing mobile applications to enable better collaboration and more flexibility.

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    New business streams

  • Operational complexity – Your accounting technology needs to adapt to the challenge of new markets, supply chains, technology and regulations.

  • Stakeholder expectations – There is increasing reliance on you to provide a proactive, strategic finance function that supports rapid growth.

  • Business intelligence – Your accounting software needs to facilitate rapid, data-validated strategic decision making.
  • Is ERP letting you down?

  • Data mountain – Is it a challenge to pull disparate data together and extract valuable insights?

  • Admin overhead – Does manual data acquisition, entry, checking and chasing dominate your accounting function resource?

  • Shared endeavor – Is it a struggle to collaborate within the finance team and across departments and provide them with the intelligence they need?

    If you’d like to explore how a Modern Finance approach could benefit you and your business, you can book a free Modern Finance Value Assessment with one of our consultants.
    We’re also planning a series of Modern Finance guides and events to provide practical tips on how to adopt new financial technology and use it to drive growth in mid-sized businesses.
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    Potential causes:

  • ‘Dumb’ accounting technology – Your ERP is only capable of supporting traditional manual record-to-report (R2R) processes with little automation or business intelligence tools.

  • Inefficient & complex workflows – The legacy accounting system you have has been continuously modified over time with workarounds to cope with custom processes or the unique requirements of certain departments.

  • On-premise software – Your accounting software is on your own servers, making it costly to run, harder to modify, at risk of redundancy and less accessible to finance teams and other departments. You might be on an older version which cannot deal with new regulations, leaves you more vulnerable to security risks and is not optimised for use on modern devices.


    Modern Finance with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central:

  • Advanced features – Proven enterprise-level analytics, visualisation, automation and business intelligence functionality provide the forward-looking strategic finance tools you need.

  • Complete flexibility – Quick to implement and highly configurable, this cloud accounting software can support your requirements now and into the future.

  • Cloud accesibility – The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is lower cost, easier to use and provides easy access to mandatory upgrades, new functionality and integration with Microsoft’s widely adopted Dynamics and Office 365 platforms.

    Examples of Modern Finance in practise:

  • Forecasting revenue and accounts receivable – Augment current financial forecasts with a machine learning solution to combine human and machine intelligence.

  • Predicting product trends – Incorporate Microsoft Pulse customer sentiment analysis into machine learning models to drive greater accuracy in demand forecasts

  • Automating financial management reporting – Automate the creation and distribution of limitless numbers of unique financial management reports to dramatically reduce costs and errors.

  • Reducing admin and variance analysis – Use Bots to automatically log-into applications, run reports, consolidate data and gather customer invoices for review.