Simplifying relationship management to enhance SME success

Streamline the way you manage business relationships and funding with Nurture, a solution developed with those supporting local and regional growth and prosperity in mind.

What is Nurture?

What is Nurture?

Created by our team using the Microsoft Power Platform, Nurture addresses the need for digitalisation of the systems used by local and combined authorities, local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) and growth hubs to successfully manage relationships with the businesses they offer help and guidance to.

Introducing Nurture to your organisation will enable you to:

  • Log up-to-date information on each business you work with in a single centralised platform
  • Track how you’ve aided growth for each of those businesses and produce relevant reports
  • Share data with key stakeholders easily and safely with SharePoint integration
  • Simplify fund management processes and ensure financial guidelines are met
  • Keep an easy-to-access record of meetings and other relevant communications

By taking a digital-first approach, you can simplify the processes you need to follow in order to offer SMEs the support they need and demonstrate the value you add to their proposition. Partner with Tisski and we’ll implement Nurture, take care of your data migration and train platform users to ensure they know how to make the most of your new digital solution.


Deliver consistent processes

By providing access to a single secure platform, you can streamline and standardise the processes your advisors use to track, update and manage information on each business you’re partnered with, ensuring organisation-wide uniformity.


Maintain financial boundaries

With funding regulations in place, keeping a digital record of any financial support the businesses you work with receive will ensure regulations are adhered to and eliminate occurrences of over-allocated funding.


Monitor your performance

Use dedicated reporting tools to gain insight into how much time you’ve spent with your partner businesses, the financial support they’ve received and other key elements to determine the role you’ve played in their organisational growth.

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