Helping UK police forces overcome common challenges

Power Apps for Policing provides on-duty officers and operational personnel with a set of applications to support national efforts in keeping citizens safe.

What is Power Apps for Policing?

What is Power Apps for Policing?

Established in partnership with Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, our Power Apps for Policing offering presents an array of applications, each designed to address a particular need or common challenge faced by police forces around the country.

Driven by a desire to simplify processes for frontline officers and those who support them, we’ve used the extensibility of the Microsoft Power Platform to create apps to help you:

  • Record statements from witnesses of crime and other incidents
  • Log instances of sudden death and use of force
  • Reprimand anti-social behaviour and Covid-19 restriction breaches
  • Access vehicle information when attending traffic offences and roadside calls
  • Take down information in a digital ‘pocket notebook’

Apps to meet your force’s specific needs

With Tisski’s Power Apps for Policing, you don’t have to adopt an entire, predefined collection of apps. Instead, you can choose to invest in those you feel would make the biggest impact across your force.

Most importantly, Power Apps for Policing isn’t a fixed offering, but one that can grow to offer each UK police force one or more applications to suit their needs. Taking a consultative approach, we give you the opportunity to discuss your common challenges with our team. If you identify a challenge that isn’t addressed by an existing app in the offering, we’ll create a new one to help you overcome it.

Any applications we build for you will become a part of our Power Apps for Policing offering, helping forces facing similar challenges and securing Power Apps for Policing’s status as an ever-expanding suite of tools with endless possibilities.


Modernise your ways of working

Introduce automated workflows that make it quicker and easier to complete day-to-day tasks, improving frontline response and operational efficiency.


A solution tailored to your force

Choose the existing apps you feel would make a difference, or ask our experts to create new ones that meet your specific needs.


Accessible from the beat to the back office

Our Power Apps for Policing integrate with the Police National Computer (PNC) and are available to use offline, wherever and whenever needed.

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