Gamification for Microsoft Dynamics® 365

Gamification (formerly FantasySalesTeam) is an innovative sales platform seamlessly integrating to Dynamics 365, that has helped hundreds of companies boost sales productivity, drive revenue and improve CRM adoption through collaboration and team based competition.

Using the concept of ‘gamification’ within the workplace, sales people are transformed into players and earn points by achieving your most important sales metrics.

Online leaderboards, user profiles and gamer-style graphics offer teams a more engaging and fun sales environment, while driving the right sales behaviour and improved adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. With a wall screen in your sales office, displaying the latest results, FantasySalesTeam becomes a living, dynamic tool in which to drive stronger sales performances.

The benefits of introducing Gamification into your sales organisation

  • Set goals and define your metrics to drive performance. You get to define the desired behaviours that lead to the right results. Whether it’s more phone calls, meetings, new customers or repeat sales, you choose the metrics that mean success in your sales team.
  • Create multiple, multi-tiered awards to motivate everybody. Set multiple award categories to recognise achievements and improvements across a variety of metrics. Optional tiered awards for individuals and teams, plus multiple ways to win keeps more sales people engaged throughout the contest.
  • Pick teams to bring out competitive spirit and camaraderie. Every player gets to pick a team, enabling people to trade with their peers in a simplified fantasy sports context. Different players can be assigned different positions, with everyone motivated to perform so that their team remains in the game.
  • Keep score and make the leaderboard visible. Encourage your team to stay focused on all aspects of the game. With multiple leaderboards, players are assigned points for every sales metric target. FantasySalesTeam shows weekly standings for players and teams, as well as for specific sales metrics.
  • User profiles, trophies and badges to increase motivation. Give your people bragging rights, allowing them to compete with peers in friendly and open ways. Players have profile badges with a summary of their awards, standings and past performance.
  • Monitor performance without the hassle. FantasySalesTeams does not require any complex or time-consuming number crunching from sales management or sales operations. And with seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get live updates that reflect real-time sales activity.

Why Tisski and Gamification?

Gamification is a Microsoft product that works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a Microsoft Partner with a relentless focus on making software work for people, Tisski is well placed to configure this application so that it works for your sales environment in an easy, compelling way.