Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

If you are looking for a new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) then you are in good company. Over 40,000 business use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that’s 4 million individual Microsoft Dynamics CRM users! Furthermore, Gartner & Forrester Research position Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a ‘Market Leader’. Read what’s new in Dynamics CRM for 2016.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can:

  • Keep your customers at the centre of your business and provide better levels of customer service
  • Align sales, marketing, and customer service efforts
  • Increase efficiencies and openly share essential information between teams
  • Get an in-depth picture of your customers and their requirements
  • Increase customer retention

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you get Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service as standard.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

The management of prospects, leads, and sales is the lifeblood of your business. Having an accurate, real time view, of your current sales opportunities so that you can nurture them accordingly is essential, and with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s never been easier.

  • Accurate pipeline information on all of your sales opportunities, allowing you to engage with the right people at the right time
  • The ability to set and manage sales processes based on your organisation’s requirements, ensure that leads are moved through the sales process correctly and escalate any actions that have not been carried out. Don’t miss a single sales opportunity.
  • Transparency of data across the entire pipeline, ensuring that the sales team have everything that they need when dealing with a new or existing opportunity
  • Interactive dashboard reporting, sales forecasting, team performance, opportunity analysis, and analysis of sales loss data to enable the right management decisions and continuing improvements

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Your organisation relies heavily on the effectiveness of its marketing activity, from the identification, communication, and response to industry trends and changes, to the performance of individual marketing campaigns. It has never been more important to understand which marketing activities are working and which are not. Marketing departments are under increasing pressure to ensure that they make their budget go further and that sales enquiries are of the highest quality.

  • Manage your marketing campaigns in a single system – ensure that all the relevant information is available to other departments, such as sales and your account management teams; track key performance metrics, such as cost per lead, and your conversion rates for each campaign
  • Link Dynamics CRM to your website and any third party email marketing platforms used, automate adding online enquiries and email metrics into the system, giving your marketing team more time to come up with their next big campaign
  • Advanced reporting – discover how many enquiries you have to put into the top of the sales funnel for sales to come out of the bottom. Have all the information to hand to enable you to improve the performance of your campaigns and the direction of your marketing spend.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

In a competitive environment, what often sets companies apart is not always the products that they are offering. More often than not, the standard of customer service offered is a huge selling point.

Improve the service that you offer your customers with:

  • Transparency of data across the customer service team so that an enquiry can be picked up easily and dealt with by any member of the team
  • Case and contract functionality means an accurate and up to date picture of a customer’s current situation, such as level of support entitled to, number of support calls logged; details of any recurring problems which need to be solved
  • Save time and increase efficiency with email-to-case conversion – any customer emails sent to the support team can be automatically tracked as CRM cases, leaving more time for your customer service and technical support teams to support your customers in the best way possible

Microsoft is committed to two major updates a year of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Download our guide to what’s new for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2016.

"Tisski have been helping us with CRM for many years. Whether it be enhanced audit functions, server configuration, complex customisation, workflows (including many to many relationships), plugins etc. they have always found a solution."

− Andrew Mountford, Heartwood Group

"We have been working with Tisski for just over 18 months. They helped us manage a wholesale change from a legacy CRM to Microsoft Dynamics - a huge undertaking well managed. Since then we have needed a number of custom development requirements around both our sales efforts and marketing activities within Microsoft Dynamics, and these enhancements have worked very well with Tisski at the helm. We have worked with a number of their developers now, all of whom we have found to be highly skilled and attentive - they clearly attract good people."

− Simon Blackwell, Adams Phones