Microsoft Power BI

Working with Tisski to implement Microsoft Power BI will change the way you make business decisions. As a complete analytics solution suite, you will be in full control over what analytics you want to see – whether on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Part of the appeal of Microsoft Power BI is its ability to fully integrate itself into over 50 popular business apps, ensuring that your analytics are streamlined, easily readable, and fully customisable.

This cloud-based solution works on its own as well, allowing your team to easily combine and create data points with a wide range of built in visuals, ready to suit a range of needs.

Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your business’ touch points at any given time with up to date information and secure accessibility.

The services that Microsoft Power BI comes stocked with allow your team to safely upload reports to a cloud-based system. It also allows for automatic data refreshing at regular, customisable intervals, keeping you in the know with up to the second information.

Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

When Microsoft Power BI integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll gain rich sales insight via interactive map-based reports. The pipeline analysis gives you an array of data, including opportunity and account analysis and revenue spread figures. You can also track sales performance by lead size, lead age and uncover emerging trends.


Customer service teams can benefit from Microsoft Power BI, too. Interactive dashboards can include information on incoming customer service cases; distribution by priority, type, or origin; and the performance of service reps and queues.

Further increasing your customer facing abilities is the wide range of support resolution facts and figures. Looking at open cases, priority cases, and resolved cases has never been easier. And the interactive performance dashboards you create can be further interrogated to help you drill into detail behind the charts.

Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV benefits from the integration of Microsoft Power BI as well.

Microsoft Power BI Dynamics NAV

Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV dashboard will give you full access to information related to KPIs and charts regarding any of your sales or financial data. In easy-to-understand visuals and tables, you’ll see exactly what sales, opportunities, profit, regional profitability, cash cycle components, debtor days and so much more, look like for your organisation. The functionality of Microsoft Power BI allows you to simply hover over data points to gain further information.

Why Tisski and Power BI?

Tisski is a young, dynamic Microsoft Partner that takes a fresh approach to helping small and midsize organisations leverage business software. With a friendly team, led by people from a background in fields such finance and accounting, you can be assured of practical IT solutions that your teams will want to use and benefit from.

Tisski can enhance Microsoft Power BI’s reporting packs for both Dynamics CRM and NAV by tailoring them to your needs.

If you want to make smarter decisions based on data that’s hiding in your business, contact Tisski today to discuss how you can successfully introduce Microsoft Power BI.