Supporting the public sector

We can help you implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions that generate cost savings, improve productivity and enhance service quality in the public sector. Our diverse experience spans a wide range of cloud-based and on-premise projects for government departments, agencies, public bodies, local authorities, growth hubs and the NHS.

Read on to find out how our specialist approach to public sector CRM & ERP can help meet your needs now and into the future.

Enabling change

Delivering digital transformation in the public sector isn’t easy. CRM & ERP systems need to support significant organisational development, whilst minimising risk and providing a platform for continuous improvement.

We partner with public sector clients to design, develop and implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions that deliver:

  • Sustained efficiency – We’ll help you achieve budget compliance by creating immediate cost reductions and substantial year-on-year savings. Through process automation, new streamlined ways of working will make it easier, faster and cheaper to deliver services whilst releasing additional value from your people, IT and infrastructure.
  • Enhanced service – In an increasingly online, 24/7 society, people expect quality, seamless, personalised experiences from their engagement with public sector organisations. We’ll ensure your Microsoft Dynamics solution has the analytics, accessibility, usability and speed needed to deliver the highest levels of service and citizen satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity – Significant gains can be unlocked by implementing a CRM & ERP system that provides a single point of access to data, more accurate planning, easier sharing, quicker resolution and self-service capabilities. We’ll help you engage employees to drive adoption and ensure the software and processes are configured to fully optimise their workflow.
  • Agility & responsiveness – CRM & ERP systems must adapt quickly when organisations and services are re-shaped by socio-political and economic factors. We’ll create a highly configurable, flexible platform that enables you to manage change without disruption or significant additional cost.

    Consolidating to one CRM – Department for Education moves seventeen CRM's on to one Dynamics platform from UKAuthority on Vimeo.

    The technology partner you choose to deliver your Microsoft Dynamics solution should help reduce the complexity associated with transformation.

    If you would like to know more about how we would approach your requirements, then contact us now.

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