Simplifying referrals and recovering costs

Developed to streamline private and overseas patient processes, Refer helps healthcare organisations track and manage referrals to aid successful cost recovery.

What is Refer?

What is Refer?

Private patient units (PPUs) regularly receive referrals from consultants, insurance companies and other hospitals, so it’s important to be able to manage these through from initiation to payment. This can be tough when information is kept in inaccessible documents and email chains – a challenge often shared by overseas visitors (OSV) teams, too.

Refer is a no-code accelerator created to help NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations tackle this exact challenge. Built by the Tisski team on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Refer is underpinned by the Microsoft Dataverse and provides a unified system for managing private and overseas referrals.

Introducing Refer to your healthcare organisation will enable you to:

  • Improve capture and income associated with non-NHS funded activity through the use of more accessible systems
  • Record ‘current status’ in relation to the processing of private patients and OSV, providing a timeline of all activities and an audit trail of all interactions
  • Enhance customer and stakeholder satisfaction, providing access to a self-service portal
  • Boost the efficiency and productivity of customer interactions (reduce time per case)
  • Allow for the complete and accurate reporting and monitoring of KPIs

With some NHS Trusts reporting the loss of millions of pounds in the form of outstanding debt, Refer can drastically reduce these figures by ensuring private and overseas activity is accurately logged and linked back to the Trust’s finance system.

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Ensure your data remains compliant

With data hosted within Microsoft’s own UK-based data centres, you can rest assured that your data is processed and stored in line with nationwide regulations.

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Manage referrals end to end

Say goodbye to fragmented records thanks to a streamlined system that stores information in a single location and incorporates processes to ensure accuracy and visibility.

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Reduce your private and OSV debt

With the means to successfully track each patient and their outstanding debt, you can recover costs with ease or ensure you receive payment upfront before treatment goes ahead.

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