Business Transformation and Change Services

Change can be hard, but is fundamental to the success of any organisation. All companies need to be agile and responsive to changing demands and market disruptors to identify products, services and ways of working that enable them to stay ahead of competitors. Digital transformation is crucial to success in a world where customers expect to be able to do business from any location, at any time, through a channel that best suits them.

Do you put the needs of your users at the heart of your services? Tisski enables its customers to transform by partnering them on the implementation of their future operating models and technology platforms. We provide experienced staff that simplify your transformation and smooth the bumps in the road – whether that be embedding new technology with the user community; tacking cultural change and resistance; or by upskilling your staff and addressing capability gaps.

We support customers with all aspects of technology and business transformation, from defining and documenting the need for change; producing the strategy and road map required for success; navigating the business and external approval processes; through the technology, people and process implementation phase; all the way to realising the benefits of your organisation transformation process. Tisski have the technical expertise and the softer, people skills necessary to make your transformation programme succeed.

If you are thinking about the need to transform, find yourself spending money on IT projects and not realising the return on investment due to the level of user engagement, or have an in-flight transformation programme that isn’t moving at the pace you need then get in touch.

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Key features

  • Determining the need for organisational change in line with business strategy
  • Defining the roadmap for organisation transformation and stages involved
  • Business case production
  • Business Transformation troubleshooting and recovery
  • Technology selection
  • Business adoption and change
  • Business Transformation programme planning and delivery
  • Guiding, coaching and mentoring through the organisation transformation process
  • Managing people streams of change programmes
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Plans
  • Benefit Identification, Planning, Review, Measurement & Realisation

    Business Benefits

  • Enhanced business agility
  • Accelerated return on investment
  • Smooth transition to the target operating model
  • Maximising adoption of your transformation and sustainable change
  • Delivering a step change in your organisation’s culture
  • Assured operational business continuity with minimal fallout during transition
  • Enhanced Target Operating Model design
  • Maximising cost efficiencies from your deployed change
  • Improved processes and effective ways of working
  • Ensured buy-in of your team, clients and suppliers