Removing the risk from your migration to cloud computing

In an ever-changing, digital world, Tisski can help you make the move to Microsoft Azure to ensure you can tackle business challenges today and in the future.

Keep your data safe in a secure, UK-based online environment and access it anytime, anywhere.

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Reduce the cost of operations in comparison to on-premise hosting.

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Ensure your technology never faces obsolescence by adopting an evergreen platform.

With on-premise hosting often proving costly and time consuming, more and more organisations are turning to cloud hosting and the wealth of benefits it can provide.

At Tisski, we understand that making the move from on-premise to online can be daunting – that’s why we offer a cloud migration service for anyone wanting to migrate to the cloud and needing a way to do so quickly and effectively.

Our team of tech experts are equipped to help you make the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where you’ll not only benefit from cloud storage, but a whole host of transformative technology to help automate processes, manage data and introduce machine learning. Partnering with Tisski will ensure minimal disruption to your operations and enable you to unleash the full benefit of this flexible and cost-effective solution.

Azure’s adaptability allows you to scale your services to suit the changing requirements or your organisation. Plus, with Microsoft investing over $1 billion in security every year and Azure having secured more than 90 compliance certifications, your data will be as safe as houses, despite being hosted away from your physical office.

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