Helping you get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP is a scalable solution that SMBs can benefit from as much as larger organisations.

As Tisski has a deep understanding of this innovative technology’s capabilities, we can help owner-managed businesses harness the power, flexibility, usability and cost efficiencies of the software in a way that is relevant to their business’ needs.

We know you’re looking for simplicity, transparency and cost efficiency, which is why our approach is based on:

  • Experience: Insight gained from working with hundreds of diverse SMBs means we’ll quickly gain a deep understanding of precisely what you need. By maximising the standard functionality available, we’ll help you to immediately generate return on investment in your Microsoft Dynamics software.
  • Empathy: We’re proud to be an SMB too. We know how important it is to minimise overheads and focus resources on winning and retaining customers. Every single one of our UK-based based team is customer facing, meaning we never over-promise or over-sell.
  • Understanding: Whether getting the ground work right at the start, or helping demonstrate how things can be done differently, our first language is business. We are realistic and accessible, ensuring we provide clear, concise and valuable guidance around all elements of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Flexibility: We appreciate your customers expect flexibility so we mirror that. We can operate on a fixed price or time and materials basis and always look to over-deliver. We’re also highly technically capable, so if you need Microsoft Dynamics to interface with bespoke developed applications, we’ll make that happen…ensuring you protect the investment made in legacy systems.
  • We’re all about reducing complexity – quickly gaining an understanding of what your SMB’s requirements are and finding the shortest, most cost-effective route to the best solution.

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