Tisski Take Washington D.C – Microsoft Inspire Round up

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We take a look back at the Microsoft Inspire event with our Operations Director, Ben Austen:

The four day event took place in the U.S capital of Washington D.C, the home of the White House (which was a short walk from our hotel). The event was set to cover exciting transformations in the world of Microsoft with tens of thousands of partners congregating in the capital from across the globe. Snacking on the famous crab cakes in the heat and humidity of the north American climate, the team grabbed their keynote passes and headed over to the arena locations!

The Microsoft Inspire event focused on the 4 key messages for the future of business and those at the forefront of Microsoft development:

  • Business Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mixed Reality
  • Digital Transformation
  • With many case studies and stories being told by inspirational figures, the Tisski team took on a lot of knowledge and information, here are a few highlights from what we learnt:

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into CRM systems to create streamlined communication channels from consumers to businesses. As many people feel more comfortable with using social media and instant messages to contact companies, it is now becoming more popular to integrate bots into business to answer calls and assist with consumer enquiries!


    Education through technology is a truly inspirational theme of the event, this particular story caught Ben’s attention:

    ‘We were told about a child in Armenia who was born with an eye problems which if left untreated for 48 hours could lead to permanent blindness. The surgeons in this area of Armenia did not have the knowledge of how to cure this new-born baby and so turned to SADA Systems and Dr.Thomas Lee for help. The team organised a Skype for Business call and were able to collaborate with expert surgeons from around the world to demonstrate the eye surgery from their theatres and in turn save the little girls eye sight! A remarkable triumph for technology and a story which can motivate us all to turn to technology for an abundance of knowledge, support and inspiration in real time.

    Read All About It – Business Applications

    Microsoft 365

    We couldn’t return from the Microsoft Inspire event without the latest news straight from the mouth of the Microsoft CEO! On the first day of the Inspire conference, Microsoft unveiled ‘Microsoft 365’ combining Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, designed for small to medium sized business, the commercial offering ensures that teams can work together, securely and wherever in the world. A stat from the Microsoft website states that: ‘According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study (Commissioned Studies conducted by Forrester Consulting), Microsoft 365 Enterprise increases partner revenue opportunity by more than 50 percent versus selling and deploying Office 365 alone.’

    Microsoft 365 is thought to be available for a public preview starting August 2, the suite is set up to further business productivity through digital transformation and as a Microsoft Partner, we are very excited about it’s launch!

    Linkedin + Microsoft

    Something that Tisski have reported on across our social media channels is the acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft and all the feels that this collaboration brings with it. Although price points were left undisclosed, it is apparent that Linkedin will soon be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics to maximise social sales and streamline contact information as all contacts can be found via Linkedin and stored in the CRM system for both customers and employees. Sales proposals will also be able to be sent through Linkedin messaging, which offers another point of contact to potential customers. Enabling you to track all of the sales progress across Linkedin and your field sales teams all in Microsoft Dynamics. Yet again, another exciting element which was touched upon during Microsoft Inspire, follow Tisski Ltd on Linkedin and Twitter for the latest news as it happens!

    With four days of work, information overload and a whole lot of networking, it was only fair that Microsoft ended the epic Inspire event with incredible music talent from Carrie Underwood!

    All in all, the conference was the perfect mix of business innovation, exciting digital transformation and inspirational business opportunities for both Tisski, our current and future customers. Our sentiments are captured by the Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Programs, Gabriella Schuster:

    ‘I want you to focus on the how. How you can get there. How you can turn your great idea into a thriving business.’

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