Unified Service Desk

Many organisations today rely on several disparate applications to run their business. For customer service teams needing to quickly respond to customer queries, this can cause problems, including an unsatisfactory customer experience and additional training costs.

Customers also want to communicate with your company through multiple channels. In addition to phone and email, customers increasingly choose to raise their query via online chat and multiple social media platforms, where they expect a consistent service experience.

Introducing Unified Service Desk, a software application designed to address these two challenges.

Key features of Unified Service Desk

Unified Service Desk from Tisski is an enhancement to the outstanding service module for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, bringing together multiple applications and communication channels into a single, unified view for your customer service agents. Features of the solution include:

  • A simple way to unify multiple applications – including legacy systems, Java, HTML and main-frame applications – into a consolidated experience for users.
  • An easy way to configure the consolidated user experience, without having to write lots of code or hire costly user experience specialists.
  • Built in workflow tools that work over the top of multiple applications, singularly managing and automating multiple tasks and actions.
  • A platform that can handle multiple communication channels through one consistent view.
  • Application views that automatically change within the context of the customer enquiry and the channel they are communicating through.
  • Application colour coding that changes with the context of the customer type your user is responding to, providing additional context of the query or customer type.

Using Unified Service Desk leads to a more streamlined approach to customer service

  • Increased customer satisfaction because of fewer errors and quicker turnaround.
  • Reduced process complexity through guided call scripts
  • Decreased handling times due to automations and streamlining of service agent interactions.

How Tisski helps you succeed with Unified Service Desk

With a strong track-record of providing practical IT solutions that users want to use, Tisski is well placed to ensure Unified Service Desk works for your customer service people. Helping you to streamline your customer service operations, Tiskki can support you in the following ways:

  • Help define or refine your business processes, ensuring there is the right amount of clarity around what you want to accomplish with the software.
  • Set up the look and feel of the application screens and tools, to ensure the integration across multiple applications provides an optimum user and customer experience.
  • Help set up the agent scripting prompts to coach your teams in how they communicate with customers and how they navigate the organisation’s business processes.

To discuss how your business can go further in better serving your customers – at less cost than today – contact Tisski today.

"Tisski have been helping us with CRM for many years. Whether it be enhanced audit functions, server configuration, complex customisation, workflows (including many to many relationships), plugins etc. they have always found a solution."

− Andrew Mountford, Heartwood Group

"We have been working with Tisski for just over 18 months. They helped us manage a wholesale change from a legacy CRM to Microsoft Dynamics - a huge undertaking well managed. Since then we have needed a number of custom development requirements around both our sales efforts and marketing activities within Microsoft Dynamics, and these enhancements have worked very well with Tisski at the helm. We have worked with a number of their developers now, all of whom we have found to be highly skilled and attentive - they clearly attract good people."

− Simon Blackwell, Adams Phones