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10 Years of Tisski: Our Employees Share Their Thoughts

Today marks ten years since Tisski was established and in the ten years since then, we’ve grown from a team of just two people, to a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than 130 talented team members.

We couldn't let our 10th year go by without sending a little celebratory gift in the post to Team Tisski. Here are some of our fantastic employees tucking into a Tisski branded birthday biscuit!

To honour this occasion, we share a collection of thoughts, feelings, memories and stories from some of the longest standing members of the Tisski team.

“I joined Tisski back in 2013, when the entire team consisted of about eight or ten people. We’d recently won a contract with the Department for Education, so my first project was working on-site with their team. I remember there was a building site next to the headquarters putting up a retirement complex at the time and we challenged ourselves to get our project finished before the complex was built. 

Tisski is a company that truly cares. We’ve had fantastically memorable Christmas parties, from boats on the Thames and restaurants on the 32nd floor in London to lovely hotels and manor houses, not to mention parcels through lockdowns that made me smile every time. 

I’ve made some really special friends who I deeply respect for their skills and integrity over the past years. Tisski seems to have a knack for seeking out and appointing people who are committed, highly skilled and genuinely want to do a good job. There’ve been challenges along the way but a lot of laughs, too.” 

Gary Sherlock 
Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant 

“I’ve been with Tisski coming up to five years now and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me. After becoming a mum in 2015, I had decided I didn’t want to go back into a career in sales. I’d worked with Anna before, and she invited me to interview for a project management role. I was delighted to land the job despite having no hands-on experience of project management. I think Anna saw what I was capable of and took a calculated risk – one which I’m pleased to say paid off, as I’m now Programme Manager with a 20+ strong project team.

I started at Tisski on a part-time basis, progressing from two days a week, to three and then four as time went by. I have to say, as someone who has always been very career-driven, it was just fantastic to be able to increase my hours to suit my readiness after becoming a parent. I’ve had support in gaining Agile and Prince II qualifications and I truly enjoy my job as well, which is always a bonus!

It’s a testament to Tisski and our ways of working that one of the things that hasn’t changed over time is that feeling of everyone being important. It’s been nice to grow with Tisski – the organisation’s grown a lot and it’s given me the opportunity to do the same.”

Rachel Ward
Programme Manager

“When I first joined Tisski five years ago, we didn’t have a head office, so we used to meet in the restaurant area at a hotel in Coventry. I have fond memories of the whole Tisski team – around 20 to 30 people at that time – taking over this restaurant in various different meetings. We’ve grown from a tiny organisation to over 130 people now, and we have managed to retain a lot of the culture we had when I first joined – although we do have an office now!

As a newcomer to Tisski, I was the only person in the marketing department. Working in a team of one was a huge challenge, but certainly allowed me to develop skills I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to develop otherwise. I’m definitely grateful for the years I spent working closely with our CEO, Anna, as they have helped me become the person I am today. Now marketing is a fantastic team of six and I’m pleased to be working alongside people who are really knowledgeable in their own specialisms –there are opportunities to learn something new every week.”

Hannah Clough
Channel Marketing Manager

“I’ve been with Tisski for seven years. I started as a Junior Consultant working on the Support Desk, and I’m now a Senior Consultant with a team of nine (soon to be 11!)
people. The company has grown so significantly since I joined, and I feel like with that organisational growth came opportunities for me to grow as a professional. I would never have imagined I’d reach such a high point in my career just seven years down the line.

The team is without a doubt the best thing about working at Tisski. There is always someone to turn to for support or if you fancy a chat, which I think is really important when you’re working remotely, as we have done for years.

My fondest memory of my time here is, strangely, when a colleague, Sally, and I got stuck at Glasgow Airport on the way home from a customer visit. We weren’t as close at the time but being stuck together for hours meant we got talking about all sorts and, thanks to that inconvenience, I made a really special friend for life.”

Jess Salmon
Senior Consultant and Manager

“I joined Tisski back in 2016, when the team was made up of probably no more than 30 people. Over the last five years it’s been fantastic to see not only the organisation grow, but members of the team, as well.

Tisski are great at recognising talent and potential and lots of people who have joined us in more junior roles over the last few years have progressed onto new and more challenging roles. I’m proud to be amongst those who have progressed, having joined as a Delivery Manager, I’m now Senior Programme Manager, looking after the relationship with one of our biggest customers.

Progression aside, the best thing about working for Tisski is that feeling that you’re all part of an extended family. I think we’ve really maintained that feeling, even as we’ve grown and despite the fact we work remotely, which really is quite impressive when you think about it! We all work together to deliver the best for our customers, and that’s something I can’t see will ever change.”

Jon Norman
Senior Programme Manager

“Having been here almost eight years, it feels great to be counted as one of the ‘original gang’. There were so few of us back in 2013 and it’s been amazing to be a part of the journey from small to medium-sized business.

When I started at Tisski, the HR and Finance function wasn’t too substantial, so it was amazing to come on board and introduce policies and procedures in the area and make a real impact. I think one of the biggest contrasts between now and then has to be our processes – we used to use spreadsheets left, right and centre, not to mention the paper. Now, all our HR processes are digital and we’re on a journey towards becoming completely paperless, which is definitely the example we need to be setting as a tech organisation!

I have so many memories from the years gone by, but the one that stands out is dressing in a Sumo outfit at one of the Christmas parties. There may or may not be photographic evidence of that!”

Rachel Nimmons
Financial Controller and HR Manager