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Ascend: Helping You Take Your Career to New Heights

Here at Tisski, we’re delighted to have kicked off 2022 with the launch of Ascend, our new internal progression structure that highlights steps our employees can take to move onwards and upwards in their careers.

Ascend is structured to help employees in professional services, such as our technical architects and consultants, see the level they’re currently working at, and understand the steps they need to take to earn a promotion and progress their career with Tisski.

A structure built on industry values, best practice and Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)criteria, as well as the skills and attributes we value most as an employer in the tech sector, Ascend will support our team in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Our Professional Services Director, Carly Allan, said: “A lot of thought and planning has gone into Ascend behind the scenes to ensure that progression criteria doesn’t just reflect what’s important to Tisski, but what’s important to the industry as a whole, as well.

“In addition to technical exams and other key indicators of success, Ascend accounts for a much broader range of knowledge and skills, including accessibility and assistive tech awareness, user-centred design methods, presentation skills, and so much more.”

Recognition and reward

An equally important purpose of the introduction of Ascend it to ensure that we’re recognising and rewarding our team for their hard work and professional achievements in the best way that we can.

“While Ascend is about making sure people have clear goals to work towards and objectives that align to what the industry values most, there’s this other element that’s all about promoting a culture of celebration,” explained Carly. “Our team achieve amazing things here at Tisski, and we want them to be able to shout about it; we want to shout about it!

“By bringing in a formal structure that centres around career progression, we can make sure members of our team are given the opportunity to take on more responsibility as they grow in their roles and earn a salary that reflects that increase in responsibility, as well as their level of knowledge and skill.”

Benefit across the board

While Ascend ultimately benefits our employees, its introduction is a positive step forward for our organisation as a whole, and our customers, too.

In standardising progression for our professional services teams, we can ensure that we match team members to the projects best aligned to their level of skill and leadership experience. Ascend will also help us focus on assigning people to projects that will help them develop the skills they need to take the next step in their careers. For customers, this structured approach means they can trust that their project’s resourcing is safe in Tisski’s hands.

The Tisski team has grown rapidly over the last year, and with no intentions of slowing, the formalisation of employee progression is a highly welcomed and much-needed change. We look forward to seeing how our team move onwards and upwards in 2022.

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