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Aster Group Partner with Tisski to Heighten Customer Satisfaction

Housing group, Aster, have joined forces with Microsoft Solutions Partner, Tisski, in a move to drive efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction for residents across their 32,000 homes.

Aster have introduced Microsoft technology to their organisation to support their mission to streamline and improve the handling of customer communications.

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solutions is providing roughly 700 members of the Aster team with access to a single view of each of their customers, helping them handle queries and respond to concerns more quickly and efficiently.

With phase one complete, improved response times will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, and streamlined access to relevant information for employees is helping the Contact Centre team deliver a smoother customer experience. Since implementation, Contact Centre calls are taking on average of one-and-a-half minutes less than before Dynamics 365 was rolled out.

Meanwhile, the digitalisation of a paper-based ‘permission to share’ process has helped reduced completion time from three weeks to a matter of minutes, saving the team time to reinvest in other value-add activities.

Aster worked collaboratively with Tisski’s team of experts throughout implementation – a move that has helped the housing provider take steps towards self-sufficiency when it comes to maintaining and personalising their Microsoft tech solutions.

Delivered using an Agile approach, Aster were given frequent opportunities to feed back on the build, ensuring the end result sits in line with their strategic business objectives.

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