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3 Dynamics 365 Human Resources Tools to Enhance Employee Experience

Human resources may not have a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, but it can certainly be more intuitive and business-critical than you might think.

When you think about HR software, what springs to mind? I’m confident it’ll be something to do with bringing better and more efficient ways of working for HR teams – yet while this is certainly one key focus, it’s not the only benefit software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources can bring.

On the flipside of the coin is employee experience, and the opportunity to empower your employees to take charge of certain elements of their own experience. Here are three tools D365 HR introduces to help your organisation do exactly that.

Leave and absence management

D365 HR’s leave and management solution offers everything at the click of the mouse. Employees can log into their dedicated account to get a 360-degree view of their leave entitlement and outstanding balance in a matter of seconds, as well as submitting requests for time off directly to their line manager.

If a HR team is reliant on the manual tracking of leave (i.e. via spreadsheets or similar), it could take anywhere between a day and a week to let an employee know how much leave they have remaining, depending on the team’s workload. By simplifying this process and introducing a self-service portal, D365 HR puts information at the employee’s fingertips, leading to less frustration and the elimination of a lack of information on their part.

This isn’t just applicable to annual leave, but maternity and paternity leave, parental leave and various other examples of time away from work.

Self-service workspace

The D365 HR self-service workspace improves employee experience by enabling them to carry out activities themselves, beyond the remit of leave and absence management (discussed above).

From tracking your performance and reviewing your goals, to browsing and managing benefits your organisation offers (for example, cycle to work schemes), this functionality empowers employees and reenforces the message that they are in charge of their career and their journey at your organisation.

This also frees up your HR team’s time which, in turn, enables them to spend their working day carrying out more value-added tasks that will only enhance your employee experience further.

Performance management

All successful organisations have at least one thing in common: they invest in their team. Whether that be through the provision of training, upskilling, mentoring, or even offering placement opportunities, it’s an investment that usually pays off.

Microsoft understands that organisations want employees to grow, improve and, ultimately, take charge of their development, so D365 HR offers a comprehensive performance management workspace which lets employees keep performance journals, track and set personal goals and monitor performance reviews.

With everything your employees need to track their personal development all accessible in one place, their lives are made easier, and they’ll feel encouraged to take their progression into their own hands – with support from their line manager and the organisation, of course!

Discover Dynamics 365 HR today

Discover Dynamics 365 HR today

D365 Human Resources offers the tools to enhance your employee experience and streamline your HR processes at the same time. 

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