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4 Common Email Marketing Challenges Dynamics 365 Can Help You Overcome

In the world of email marketing, building an engaged audience and understanding how best to get conversions is key – but it’s certainly no mean feat.

Here are four common email marketing challenges that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you overcome, paving your way to successful email marketing campaigns.

“I struggle to engage my audience with ‘one size fits all’ copy.”

When you’re hitting your entire audience with identical email content, it won’t come as any surprise that your messaging won’t appeal to everyone. Audiences today expect tailored experiences and a level of personalisation that makes them feel like you’re talking to them as individuals.

With lead scoring, email marketers can use Dynamics 365 Marketing to deliver messaging that reflects how ‘warm’ each prospect is. If content writers take the time to consider the thought processes and blockers for people at each stage in the journey, they can target people with messaging that’ll be much more likely to resonate with them.

In other news, Microsoft are soon to launch an update to D465 Marketing which lets marketers use personalisation like never before. Soon, data held in any source connected to the Microsoft Dataverse will be available to use for personalisation - not just that stored in a D365 Marketing contact record. Definitely one to watch out for.

“I don’t have enough time concentrate on multiple campaigns every week.”

Managing various mailing lists and making sure they all receive emails as frequently as needed is a time-consuming task, but one D365 Marketing’s automation can help with.

By creating nurture campaigns, you only have to set up an email journey once, adding contacts to the journey as you acquire their data for them to begin the journey automatically. With campaign automation you choose the rules, deciding when emails get sent, or letting Dynamics do the work by telling it to send people the second email in the journey quicker if they’ve opened the first, for example.

This automation saves you time and effort setting up campaigns time and again, freeing up your time to be spent on more productive activities.

“I’m unsure what messaging would hook my audience in and encourage action.”

People are so inundated with emails these days, it can be difficult to understand what will and won’t work when it comes to encouraging audiences to even open the email, let alone act on the calls to action.

With A/B testing, D365 Marketing gives you the chance to find out what works better for your audiences by pitting different versions of emails and/or subject lines against each other to see which performs best. You can then use your findings to optimise your next campaign.

“I’m lacking in the data needed to help me make decisions.”

Many organisations operate using multiple systems that don’t really talk to each other and that can make useful data difficult to come across.

D365 Marketing can be interconnected with other parts of the Dynamics 365 platform to ensure that marketers – and indeed anyone else from around the business – all have easy access to the same data and a single source of the truth for each customer or prospect.

Investment in a multi-purpose platform ticks many boxes, but for email marketers it means this access to data can aid decision-making and ensure customers are receiving email content that’s relevant to them.

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