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Employee Q&A: The Ins and Outs of Talent Acquisition

Here at Tisski, we really value our employees. We know that our team go above and beyond for our customers, and always uphold our key values of honesty and integrity.

It can be difficult for organisations to find the right people to join their teams, and the role talent acquisition plays in the process can be pivotal. We chatted with Head of Talent Acquisition, Asif Karmali, to discover more about what his role entails and why it’s so important.

We are thrilled you decided to join us at Tisski. How are you finding the Head of Talent Acquisition role so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of my Tisski journey so far. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and since the day I joined, it’s been a smooth and easy transition towards feeling part of the Tisski family.

What has stood out to you most from your first few months with us?

There are a few things that have really stood out to me. The culture of the organisation has been a big one, everyone here has been so approachable. It’s a really open environment, where you feel comfortable and cared about, everyone is always more than happy to help you with any task. I’d also say the collaboration across different departments and the diversity within teams, including ethnicity, race, religion and gender has been something I’ve really noticed and valued at Tisski.

For anyone unfamiliar with talent acquisition, could you tell us more about what it involves and some of the key tasks?

Talent acquisition is a crucial part of any business, particularly for organisations that are continuing to grow, like we are here at Tisski. My role involves attracting the best talent in the Microsoft Dynamics space. I achieve this by giving an insight into some exciting projects we work on, our progression and development opportunities and the great company culture. Another part of my role involves gathering requirements from hiring managers; understanding the particular skillsets and personality required for a specific role is key to hiring the right person. In this role, it’s important I’m always building relationships.

What do you find most interesting about talent acquisition and are there any challenges?

I have the opportunity to speak to a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and with varying skillsets. One of the most interesting parts of the role is getting to know them all on a personal level. For me, the best part of the role is the interview process – from having an initial conversation to offering them the job and meeting them in person at company get-togethers, it’s great to see it all come to fruition!

There are plenty of challenges with this role, especially in such a competitive market. What differentiates Tisski compared to other companies is the culture we’ve built over the last 11 years, including always making a considered effort to make working here enjoyable, but also challenging. They're keen to ensure everyone is constantly learning and progressing in their roles, whilst also being open to new ways of working. This is fundamental to the business and really helps us shine.

Do you have any specific goals you’re striving towards?

Attracting the absolute best talent to Tisski is something I’m striving towards and finding personalities that align with the business is key to that goal. I feel extremely privileged to work with Tisski, and I’m excited to play a part in their incredible growth plans in the coming years!

Is there anything you would say to those looking for a new career opportunity or someone considering applying for a job at Tisski?

I would say joining Tisski has been the best decision I’ve made for my career – you will be looked after, listened to, supported, and challenged! The transparency of the Senior Leadership Team is great, they’re always available to listen and are extremely open to new ideas. They encourage everyone to get involved and strive to make sure everyone in the team is happy.

Fancy joining Team Tisski?

Fancy joining Team Tisski?

We’re always on the lookout for great new people to join our team. Take a look at our ‘Work for Tisski’ page to browse our current openings.

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