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FlowCase: A Case Management Solution

FlowCase is a case management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, created by Tisski to revolutionise key aspects of how the UK public sector delivers its services and engages with citizens.

Introducing FlowCase to your public sector organisation will ensure your case management process is consistent and coherent, helping reduce time spent on repetitive, manual activities by introducing web self service and enhancing decision-making with real-time dashboards.

This highly effective solution has already been rolled out to numerous government organisations and with Dynamics 365 at its core, FlowCase is : 

  • A robust platform that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively;
  • highly configurable, making it practical for a diverse range of local government uses;
  • flexible and scalable, meeting evolving requirements and ongoing transformation needs;
  • easily integrated with existing systems;
  • and a stepping stone to incorporating solutions from the wider Microsoft portfolio, if desired.

FlowCase is underpinned by a set of core and value-added services, including detailed business evaluation, data migration, system integration, training and ongoing support, ensuring your goals are entirely fulfilled.

Key benefits 

Deliver lean, consistent processes

Through streamlined workflows, automation, effective task allocation and customised dashboards, FlowCase will drastically reduce time spent on administrative tasks and repetitive, manual input, in turn creating immediate cost reductions and substantial year-on-year savings.

Free up resources

By providing a single point of access to data, FlowCase enables you to plan more accurately, share information with ease and access self-service capabilities, improving cost and time efficiency in service delivery while releasing additional value from employees, IT and infrastructure.

Enhance service user engagement

Introducing access to a secure portal, FlowCase allows users to view status updates, key information and guidance swiftly, as well as engage with the service using their preferred communication channel. Ensuring only the most complex enquiries require employee intervention, this frees up more resource to undertake higher value work.

Improve data-driven decision-making

FlowCase empowers organisations by consolidating and unifying a wide range of data sources to provide a single point of access to real-time information via customisable dashboards.