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Tisski’s Helping Hand for Healthcare Organisations

Our wonderful NHS has been working hard through the Coronavirus pandemic, facing a multitude of challenges along the way.

For frontline workers and support staff, manual processes can take up valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere.

At Tisski, we can use Microsoft technology to help reduce or eliminate these manual processes, simplifying centralised services, freeing up resources and, ultimately, helping healthcare workers focus on the tasks that matter most.

Last year, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) played a huge part in the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) – and we worked alongside NHSBSA, introducing Dynamics 365 to help make the processes involved more manageable at a time when they needed it most.

As a team, the knowledge and skill we’ve acquired along the way has equipped us with everything we need to implement Microsoft’s leading platform quickly and painlessly for organisations across the NHS, no matter the role they play.

Watch our short, animated video to find out more.