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How Does Resourcing Support the Day-to-Day Running of a Tech Consultancy?

Resourcing personnel play a hugely important role in the day-to-day operation of tech companies like Tisski – but what exactly do they do? We caught up with our Resource Manager, Sanjeev Dhillon, to understand what resourcing entails and what the organisation might be like if resource management wasn’t in place.

Sanjeev, can you tell us a little bit about resourcing and what a day might look like for you?


I think resourcing entails far more than people might first expect. At Tisski, resourcing work to ensure employees and projects are correctly aligned, so the best blend of knowledge and skills can be utilised. We work closely with sales leads and account managers so that we’re in the best position to match the most appropriate and experienced resources with clients to ensure their targets are met. It’s really important that we get this information as early as possible, so we can begin to mobilise the right resources at the right time for both new and existing engagements. 

As a Resource Manager, I have a role to play in the adoption of internal process that allow us to accurately forecast, track and manage resources and revenue. Resourcing comes with a lot of challenges and being able to effectively liaise, influence and challenge is something we must be able to do in order to establish relationships at all levels of the organisation and make decisions effectively. It’s fair to say the job is fast paced and no two days are quite the same. 

What knowledge and skills are required of a person in a resourcing role?

It’s absolutely crucial that the resourcing team understand how each and every member of the wider team operates, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. From there, you will be able to pre-empt certain scenarios and how best to engage with individuals in order to achieve what you need to.

If I was to pick three skills required for this role they would be: confidence when speaking to an array of stakeholders (internal and external), problem-solving and quick thinking. All these skills will enable bottlenecks to be ironed out prior to their occurrence, and changes can be made well in advance, allowing you to focus on the current tasks in hand - of which you will have many!

What led you to your role in resourcing?

Having just completed my degree in business and economics, I found the role of Resource Administrator at Tisski advertised on LinkedIn. From first impressions, the job and company were a good match for the analytical and problem-solving skills that I gained at university with a culture of driven individuals that are passionate about what they do. I knew the opportunities at Tisski were vast and this was demonstrated during my first eight months; I had the opportunity to work on client site for three months with our team at the Ministry of Defence and was pleased to be promoted to Resource Manager.

If the resourcing team didn’t exist, how do you think this would impact Tisski as an organisation?

Resourcing at Tisski really does sit in the middle of everything that goes on within the organisation. We have oversight on almost all changes and actions, whether they be internal or external. Resource planning helps everyone understand where resources are and what they are doing, so without a resourcing team, assigning employees to projects would become very complicated, and would have the potential to lead to a scheduling nightmare.

The resourcing team track resources and project progress, providing increased visibility and keeping all stakeholders engaged and in the know. The increased level of transparency resourcing has with all areas of the business helps prevent avoidable miscommunication between team members, project managers and clients to make sure everyone is on the same page and that’s vital for the smooth running and successful operation of the organisation as a whole.

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