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Video: Improving Citizen Support Processes Through Technology

For local councils, an important part of what they do is keeping a close eye on those within the community and making sure support is available to citizens as and when needed.

Using Microsoft technology, Tisski have developed a Support Team App and Agency Portal that assist local councils with monitoring and improving citizen welfare. The Power App works to ensure those experiencing disadvantage have the opportunity to change their lives for the better, giving local councils 360-degree visibility of a situation and the tools needed to take a proactive approach in providing the necessary support to make those changes.

The short animation below showcases the main features of the Power App, demonstrating how it can assist councils right from the initial sighting of disadvantage. Councils can share information with multiple agencies allowing for easily accessible unified data, as well as record key issues and create referrals and support plans when needed – ensuring a much more streamlined support process, helping people get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

We've also put together a handy graphic that highlights the main features and benefits of the app and portal, demonstrating how your organisation can utilise the software to support those in need with ease.

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