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Introducing Omnichannel Chat for our Website Visitors

As a Microsoft Partner, Tisski implement Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft technologies for a wide variety of public and private section organisations, so when they were looking to introduce a chat function to their new website, they didn’t have too far to look.

Here, Channel Marketing Manager, Hannah Clough, Dynamics 365 Consultant, Asif Farooq, and Power Platform Practice Lead, Khurim Shabaz, share an insight into Tisski’s latest internal project.

What were Tisski looking to achieve?

With their new website having launched back in September 2020, Tisski were exploring ways to open up new channels of communication with people considering making an investment in Microsoft tech; a chat function seemed like the most appropriate route. 

“Having grown as a marketing team in recent months, we were keen to explore new avenues of communication,” said Hannah. “We wanted a way to communicate quickly and easily with our potential customers and not having a live chat function felt like a missed opportunity. It’s such a great way to provide prospects with answers to their queries or introduce them to a member of our team who can have a more detailed conversation about their requirements with them.” 

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service featuring Omnichannel chat for improved interaction, Hannah decided it was time for Tisski to introduce one of the products they provide to enhance the user experience for their own prospects. 

Why Omnichannel for Customer Service?

“As a Microsoft partner, we trust Microsoft technology and know how well it works, so for us, Omnichannel seemed like the perfect tool for removing the barrier between us and anyone wanting to learn more about our offerings,” Hannah explained. “It’s instant and convenient, but it’s not intrusive; people can access it from any page on the website, but they’re not pushed into doing so.”

As a Dynamics 365 Consultant, Asif was heavily involved in the implementation of Omnichannel.

“Enhanced data security was another great reason for Tisski to opt for a Microsoft product,” he said. “To help answer people’s queries, we request some personal details up front and having opted for Omnichannel, any data given to us is stored securely within our CRM, rather than being passed from person to person via email, for example.”

Tisski’s marketing team have also been using Dynamics 365 Marketing in recent months, meaning further investment in Microsoft tech brought additional value for the organisation.

“By introducing Omnichannel, we’re now benefiting first-hand from the interconnectivity that Microsoft platforms provide – an advantage we always discuss with prospects – so to benefit ourselves is a real positive step,” Hannah said.

What’s next for Tisski?

With full support from CEO, Anna Assassa, Omnichannel may turn out to be the first stage in a wider project for Tisski, with the marketing team currently considering the introduction of Power Virtual Agents (PVA).

Part of the Power Platform, PVA introduces automated chat functionality, giving potential customers the opportunity to get their questions answered quicker than ever before.

“By engaging with prospects using Omnichannel, we’re getting a real flavour for the types of questions people ask,” Hannah said. “This is helping us gain a deeper understanding of what our potential customers want to know and what they’re looking for when they visit our website.”

“We’re already starting to see signs of the positive impact chat functionality can have,” said Khurim, one of the driving forces behind the project. “When we come to integrate Power Virtual Agent in the next phase of this project, it will undoubtedly save our customer-facing team some time and help them manage online enquiries.”

“Programming a virtual agent is a lot more time-intensive than introducing Omnichannel, so Omnichannel is almost like a steppingstone paving the way to the introduction of PVA,” said Asif. “By introducing Omnichannel first, we’ll gain insight that will help us create a virtual agent that delivers a positive customer experience for anyone who interacts with it.”

Give your prospects the opportunity to chat live

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Give your prospects the opportunity to chat live

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