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What is a Microsoft Gold Partner? And Other Questions Answered

Update: As of October 2022, Microsoft Gold Partner status became obsolete; Tisski is now a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Visit our dedicated FAQ to find out more about changes to the Microsoft Partner programme.

It’s fair to say the Microsoft community is a pretty big one, with thousands of partners scattered around the globe – but what exactly does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

In this Q&A, we take a look at what Microsoft Gold-Certified status is, explain what it means to be a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle and explore ways Tisski and Microsoft work together to provide customers with the very best experience.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

A Microsoft Gold Partner is a company that works in close collaboration with the world-renowned tech giant, introducing their IT solutions to the customers they work with.

The Microsoft Partner network is made up of tech consultancies and resellers who are given one of three different rankings: Member, Silver Competency or Gold Competency. Those who achieve Gold status have demonstrated to Microsoft that they operate to the highest of standards.

To achieve the coveted Gold Partner status, a partner must achieve Gold Competency in at least one area of business (for example, Enterprise Resource Planning or Application Development). They earn this by achieving performance, capability and customer success targets set by Microsoft.

How did Tisski become a Gold Partner? What do you do to retain the status?

Tisski first became a Microsoft Gold Partner in 2016 and have achieved Gold Competency in not one, but seven different areas of business (Application Development, Application Integration, Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud Business Applications, and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions).

Our primary focus as an organisation is Cloud Business Applications. To retain our Gold status in this area, we must fulfil requirements defined by Microsoft and Microsoft check that we are meeting these requirements once a year.

Scored using a metrics-based system, we earn points by achieving targets in relation to our performance, our capability (how many Microsoft certifications our team hold) and our customer success. A score of 80 to 100 enables us to keep our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Business Applications.

Why should organisations work with a Microsoft Gold Partner? What additional benefits does it bring?

By working with a Gold-Certified Partner like Tisski, customers can rest safe in the knowledge that they’ll benefit from the highest standards of excellence in terms of technical capability and customer care, no matter what stage of their journey they’re at.

We work in close connection with Microsoft sellers, as well as their technical and support teams to make sure customers gain maximum value from their investment in Microsoft technology.

As a Gold Partner, we also have access to an array of market-leading resources to support customer activity and ensure we’re providing services to the very best of our ability.

What is the Microsoft Inner Circle? Are the Inner Circle and Gold status connected in any way?

According to Microsoft, the Business Applications Inner Circle partners represent the top 1 per cent of the total Business Applications ecosystem. Microsoft Inner Circle members are considered part of an elite, market-leading category of partners, as Microsoft honour only the very best thought leaders in the Business Applications space.

While having Gold Partner status is not directly linked to the Inner Circle, becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner is a logical and necessary step on the path towards achieving Inner Circle status.

How do Tisski and Microsoft work together?

At Tisski, we have a close working relationship with Microsoft, and talk with people from various teams across the organisation on a daily basis. We engage regularly with the Microsoft team to bring new customers on board, working together to define the best way forward for those customers and helping them make the most of all that Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform can offer.

Our Partner Development Manager, Lorraine Nicol, and Partner Technological Strategist, Andrew Bourne, offer fantastic support to the Tisski team. Together, we make sure our technical team is equipped with everything they need to deliver Microsoft products to the highest of standards, ensuring our ongoing success as a partner.

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