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Tisski Launches Mobile Policing Suite with Cumbria and Durham Constabularies

Supporting the ambitions set out in the National Policing Digital Strategy 2020-2030 and Policing Vision 2025, Tisski has announced the launch of its ‘Power Apps for Policing’ suite, in partnership with Cumbria and Durham Constabularies and Microsoft.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and accessed via mobile devices, Cumbria and Durham Constabularies will deploy the Tisski suite of applications to more than 2,500 frontline officers and support staff, freeing up valuable resources by automating common tasks, increasing functionality and allowing officers to spend more time in the community.

With integration to the Police National Computer, Cumbria and Durham Constabularies have launched with an initial seven applications, covering tasks such as recording of statements, registering instances of sudden death, vehicle ticketing and a digital pocket notebook.

Previous processes meant officers often had to return to a base location to complete administrative tasks via a desktop computer.

Chief Superintendent Jonathan Blackwell, Digital Data and Technology Command said: “Like policing, technology is constantly advancing and the partnership between Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, Tisski and Microsoft means that as innovative ways to solve challenges emerge, we are in a good position to use them."

“This technology not only helps operational policing in a rapidly evolving world, it allows our officers and staff to better serve the communities in which we operate, whilst providing the tax-payer with value for money." Chief Superintendent Jonathan Blackwell
Digital Data and Technology Command

“Power Apps for Policing is a low-code suite of applications that is completely suited to our needs and our challenges. It also allows us to develop and deploy rapidly and gives officers and staff the opportunity to suggest new applications, which can benefit the entire team.”

Anna Assassa, CEO, Tisski said: “Police forces are operating in ever increasingly diverse and complex communities which requires a more sophisticated response to the challenges they face.

“By adopting Power Apps for Policing, Cumbria and Durham Constabularies have put the power of Microsoft technology directly in the hands of frontline officers, and simplified a fragmented, stand-alone application infrastructure into a single, Microsoft platformed solution.”

Assassa continued: “With Tisski’s Power Apps for Policing, a force does not have to adopt an entire, predefined collection of apps. Instead, they can choose to invest in those they feel would make the biggest impact.

“If a police force identifies a challenge that isn’t addressed by an existing app in the offering, we’ll create a new one to help them overcome it.”

Marie Abery, Dynamics Business Group Director at Microsoft UK, said: “Power Apps is empowering organisations to create their own tools that tackle inefficiencies, save time and reduce costs.

“This is crucial in the public sector, where value for money is a key consideration.

“I am delighted that Cumbria and Durham constabularies have taken solid steps into their digital future, from creating a single app to rolling out more apps that help officers connect with citizens.”

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